How Does A Multi Drop Route Planner Improve Your Business?

What is a multi drop route planner, and how exactly does it benefit your business? Find out its definition as well as how you can save time and money.
Multi stop route planners will improve your business

Route planning within your business contains many more hurdles than you may think. This is especially the case with journeys that need more than one stop or delivery. Therefore, fleet managers should consider the following at least:

  • Fleet size
  • Destination distances
  • Optimal routes
  • Driver coordination 
  • Load weight
  • Traffic

What is a multi drop route planner and how does it benefit you?

A multi drop route planner (also known as a multi stop route planner) is a feature as part of fleet tracking software. It uses this software to plan your best possible routes if you need to stop more than once or carry out multiple pickups or deliveries.

Read on to find out how exactly a multi drop route planner can improve your business.

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Dispatch software makes life easier for those involved in food deliveries.

Plan Better Routes

A multi drop route planner uses tracking software to give you an overview of your best possible delivery route. This means that the software automatically identifies the quickest and most efficient journeys for your fleet. 

How can this be used in an example?

Supermarket delivery drivers need to make multiple deliveries throughout the day. Considering each house stop, the drivers’ responsibilities are made up of taking several, individual journeys from house to house. Multi drop route software (commonly known as dispatch software) is well suited to these operations and works out the best possible route for each journey. 

What happens if there is a traffic accident or if a road closes?

A good multi stop route planner is equipped with real-time vehicle tracking information. This allows you to gain an instant operational overview into where your fleet is and to instantly plan new routes, bypassing road closures and unforeseen traffic issues. As a result, you can rely on dynamic practices to reach your clients as quickly as possible.

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Reach Your Clients Quicker with Driver Dispatch

The customer is always king. This means that you can’t always plan when exactly your clients will require your services, including spontaneous orders and growing convenience needs. However, the multi stop route planners’ dispatch software will allow you to reach your clients quicker.

How can this be used in practice?

If your client requires your services, you can quickly allocate a task to an available driver and dispatch them to the client. You can therefore reach your client quicker, as well as improving your customer satisfaction rates by offering same-day delivery services.

Respond To Jobs Instantly With a Multi Drop Route Planner

A multi drop route planner allows you to identify where your drivers are.

Using real-time location data, fleet managers know exactly where their drivers are, giving you an operational overview in real-time. This means that you can plan better for spontaneous requests or emergency callouts.

Should one come up, you will be notified and you can assign the nearest driver to tend to the client’s need. 

How do I assign a job to a driver?

Fleet managers will be given an operational overview into their fleet location and data via an app over mobile, tablet or desktop. Through this, fleet managers can quickly identify the nearest driver to the client, and assign them via the platform. There is no need for manual communication and route planning. The driver will know where they need to go thanks to the multi stop route planner. 

Conclusion: Choose Simple Fleet Tracking Over Complex Softwares

SMEs have a lot on their plate, and an overly complex route tracking software shouldn’t contribute to that. 

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By acquiring a multi drop route planner for your fleet, your business can benefit from the total specialised fleet tracking software package you will receive. Vimcar is specialised to the needs of SMEs in mind. Its fleet tracking package comes equipped with specially designed features, such as geofencing, real-time vehicle GPS tracking, a virtual overview app dashboard as well as SME-tailored customer service. 

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