Flexible plans with Vimcar.
Choose the package that suits you best.

₤ 1.90

Starting price: per vehicle/month + VAT


Advantages & Benefits

₤ 7.90

Starting price: per vehicle/month + VAT

SUMMER OFFER | Up to 25% off!

Advantages & Benefits

₤ 3.90

Starting price: per user/month + VAT


Advantages & Benefits

*Each purchased licence entitles the registration of up to 10 drivers. Additional drivers on request.

“Vimcar does everything we need for about half
the price, with flexible contract option.”

by L. Mellings

Straight-forward purchasing and delivery plans.

  • STEP 01:
    Speak to our team

    Discuss with our team your needs and how Vimcar can help.

  • STEP 02:
    Place your order

    Once your contract is signed, your order will be automatically placed.

  • STEP 03:
    Get your package

    Your hardware should arrive 3-5 working days afterwards.

  • STEP 04:
    Install the hardware & software

    Installation can be done by yourself, in minutes.

  • STEP 05:
    Connect your vehicles

    Vimcar’s software can be easily synced to your vehicles’ hardware.

  • STEP 06:
    Access individual support

    In case you have any questions setting up, our Support team is just a phone call away.

Find your answers:

  1. Are there really no hidden costs?
  1. How can I place an order?
  1. Which payment methods can I use to place the order?
  1. How long will the hardware take to arrive?
  1. How do I install the hardware?
  1. How do I set up the software?
  1. What if I have more questions?

Discuss your next steps with our team

ronald clancy 01

Vimcar's Expert
Fleet Team

We would be happy to answer any questions and discuss your needs in detail.

Ronald Clancy

Country Manager UK

E-Mail: fleet@vimcar.co.uk
Phone: +44 20 39 66 45 66