ROI Calculator: Why Your Business Needs to Buy a Car Tracker

Use our ROI Calculator to see how much money you could save by buying a car tracker. Find out if it’s right for your business today.
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Recent studies have shown that companies using outdated technology to manage their fleet are paying more. But can investing in fleet management software really increase your business’s bottom line?

Many businesses are suffering from the unpredictable market at the moment. Fleet managers must be absolutely certain that investing more money into their fleet will be worth it. Vimcar’s ROI Calculator shows you first-hand how much money a fleet GPS tracker can save your business minimising the guesswork. 

The ROI Calculator & Buying a Car tracker

Here are the three criteria Vimcar’s ROI Calculator uses to determine your company’s savings. Continue reading to see whether you’ll benefit from investing in a car tracker system. 

Digitalising fleets can save businesses up to 20%. Discover how much you could save today, with our ROI Calculator.

1. How Many Vehicles Are You Responsible For? 

Underutilised vehicles take up space, require maintenance and depreciate in value. It doesn’t matter whether they’re gaining miles or not. A car tracker system can help cut off the dead weight and save you money in the long-run. 

If you buy a car tracker software, note that more vehicles in your fleet mean you’ll be paying more for a fleet management system. This cost will be even higher if there are hidden fees for the hardware, installation and cancellation.

Furthermore, a complicated installation process could take your vehicles off the road and disrupt the usual flow of your business. All of these things would lower your bottom line. 

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2. How Many Miles Does One of Your Average Fleet Vehicles Do Per Year? 

The more time a vehicle spends on the road, the greater chance there is of error. For example, employees may incorrectly document the amount of hours a vehicle is driven for personal use. Additionally, using outdated car tracker technology often results in poor route planning and increased idling times. These kinds of things add up and increase your costs.  

A recent study done by the European Transport Safety Council found that businesses that introduced fleet management software experienced “an average decrease in total mileage of 10%.” Moreover, a “10% reduction in fuel costs can lead to a 31% increase in profit.” In short: the decision to invest in car tracker software will save you money. 

Saving time when you buy a car tracker

3. How many hours per week do you or one of your colleagues spend managing or organising your fleet?

Another major benefit of using fleet management software is that it saves you time and lets you focus on other aspects of your business. Car tracker software saves you time in a few different ways: 

  • The route history documentation feature helps you optimise routes quicker. 
  • The real-time vehicle tracking feature helps you dispatch the nearest vehicle to a call quickly and efficiently. 
  • Because your fleet’s data is stored digitally, you can more easily track each vehicle’s mileage. This reduces the amount of time vehicles are off the road for unplanned maintenance. 

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Buying a Car Tracker: Is it Worth the Money? 

A man buying a car tracker online

A key thing to remember when deciding which car tracker to buy is that more features is not necessarily a better solution. Buying a car tracker with more features means you’ll have more complicated softwares to learn. Plus, you’ll wind up with more data on each of your vehicles to sift through. 

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You want a software provider that cares about the quality of their product, and a fleet tracking system that zeroes in on the features that actually make a difference for your business.

Buying a car tracker is the easiest way to make sure your fleet works for you. Save money and time by investing in a tracker that has no hidden fees and no complicated softwares or installation, such as Fleet Geo.

Buy a Car Tracker & Improve Your ROI

Research shows that a fleet tracker is an excellent investment for any company. Below are ways you can increase your company’s ROI when you buy a car tracker for your fleet:

1. Decrease Fleet Management Costs

Misusing corporate cars can increase fleet management costs significantly. When you buy car trackers, you can prevent employees from using vehicles improperly.

For instance, Vimcar’s Fleet Geo has geofencing and timefencing capabilities that let you know when employees use corporate cars outside work hours or pre-defined delivery routes.

Fuel prices

2. Cut Fuel Expenses

Car trackers reduce vehicle downtime by optimising routes and travel schedules. Reduced idling/downtime decreases the money spent on fuelling vehicles and increases net profits.

3. Keep Customers Happy

You invest money in your business to make profits, and profits come through increased customer patronage. Buying car trackers make it easier to keep the said customers happy in different ways.

Customers buying a car tracker

For instance, tracking your corporate cars ensures your customers receive accurate ETAs. Your customers won’t face needless delays and will be more than happy to continue doing business with you.

4. Prevent Theft

A stolen corporate car represents a significant lost investment for a company. When you buy car trackers, you can protect your fleet against theft, allowing the company to get adequate returns on investment from the vehicles.

Thanks to the Live Tracking function, the Fleet Geo car tracker can show where your vehicle is always. If the car moves out of its location without authorisation, you can report to the police. This way, you can prevent theft of your corporate cars.

Customers Who Buy Our Car Trackers

Dozens of our customers have given testimonials about why buying Fleet Geo’s car tracker has worked for their businesses.

You, too, can join the ranks of Fleet Geo users today by calling any of our representatives and finding a plan that suits your needs. Here are the subscription plans:

  1. 2-year/24-month plan: This costs just ÂŁ7.9 per month and is good for those looking to save money on fleet tracking expenses.
  2. 1-year/12-month plan: This starts at ÂŁ9.9 per month inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).
  3. 1-month plan: This starts at ÂŁ11.9 per month and is good for those who feel unsure about buying car trackers. You can also cancel the plan anytime in the month at zero cost to you.
Vans using a car tracker

Even with these cheap prices, Vimcar offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the system and will replace it in event of theft or loss. You’ll have access to a dedicated customer support agent anytime you run into problems with the Fleet Geo tracking system.

Contact a Vimcar representative today to buy car trackers and start reaping the benefits of an intuitive fleet tracking system.

Buying Vimcar’s Car Tracker

If you are interesting in buying car trackers made by Vimcar follow the ‘next steps’ below:

Next steps for buying Vimcar car trackers:

  1. Brochure: find out more about Vimcar and what solutions we can offer with our free brochure.
  2. Reviews: before you buy car trackers made by Vimcar, feel free to see what other customers have said about us: visit our Trustpilot account.
  3. Book an appointment: you can see first hand what our software can do and discuss any questions you might have by booking a virtual product tour.

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