Becoming an Amazon Delivery Service Partner? Fleet Tracking Can Help

Becoming an amazon delivery service partner is a legitimate route many drivers take, but how can fleet tracking help you get there?
Easily become an Amazon delivery service partner

Entrepreneurs interested in starting their own courier delivery business may consider becoming an Amazon delivery service partner. Running a courier service as an Amazon delivery service partner has many benefits. 

You’ll get access to Amazon’s existing courier technology and there’s guaranteed customer demand to fund your growing business. Plus, becoming an Amazon delivery service partner requires relatively low start-up funds. 

As an Amazon delivery service partner, your business will run independently but will be part of the Amazon family. This means you’ll have access to business and financial support that other courier businesses don’t have. 

This article will explain what it takes to start a delivery service, what being an Amazon delivery service partner entails and how fleet management software can help your business. 

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Starting a Delivery Service

It's not hard to become an Amazon delivery service partner.

Starting a courier delivery service is an exciting endeavour, but one that requires advance planning. There’s no “right” way to start a delivery service, but key things to consider include establishing your business’s legal identity, figuring out the type of courier services you’ll offer, purchasing the necessary delivery vehicles and creating a marketing plan for your business. 

Before starting your delivery service, you also need to consider the upfront costs associated with this type of business. 

Take into account the costs of the delivery vehicles you’ll need to purchase and maintain, the delivery equipment needed to transport goods safely, the required insurance for your delivery vehicles and the cost of digital fleet trackers needed to oversee your delivery vehicles. 

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What Being an Amazon Delivery Service Partner Entails 

As an Amazon partner for deliveries, you’ll fulfil deliveries placed through Amazon. Although you’ll run your own business and manage your own fleet of vehicles, you’ll be working in direct partnership with Amazon to meet their customers’ needs. 

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Delivery service partners with Amazon can receive deals on Amazon-branded vehicles as well as fleet insurance. Amazon also provides business owners with training, both at their main headquarters and in the field with existing delivery service partners. This gives you an opportunity to see first-hand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to delivering parcels. 

Additionally, Amazon provides its delivery service partners with extra support in the form of on-road assistance, account managers and more.   

You don’t need to have any prior courier delivery experience to become an Amazon delivery service partner, but you do need to have an entrepreneurial spirit and the financial means to start your own business. 

Fleet Tracking for Small Couriers 

Become an Amazon delivery service partner with fleet tracking

As a small courier, it’s to your benefit to invest in fleet management software such as Fleet Geo. Fleet management software tracks the mileage and fuel usage of each fleet vehicle, records routes and can also be used to provide customers with proof of delivery. 

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You can use the information stored by the fleet trackers to adhere to vehicle maintenance schedules. As a small courier business, it’s crucial that your fleet vehicles remain operational and road-worthy at all times. A fleet tracking system can help prevent breakdowns and save your business money in the long-run. 

With a fleet management system, your courier business can run more efficiently overall. A more efficient fleet means fewer vehicles will be needed, which lets you invest money in other areas of your operation. 

Running an Efficient Courier Delivery Service 

Becoming an Amazon delivery service partner comes with many benefits and is worth considering if you’re interested in starting a courier service. As with any new business venture, you first need to consider the upfront costs of running a courier business before committing to anything. 

If you’re planning to become an Amazon delivery partner, it’s to your benefit to invest in fleet management software like Fleet Geo by Vimcar before making your first delivery. With Fleet Geo, you can track your vehicles in real-time, optimise routes retrospectively and run a more efficient business overall.

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