Lack of Technology is Stunting the Service Industry, Survey Finds

Revealed: top industry challenges & how trackers for vans can be the solution. Find out how VAN GPS TRACKERS save time & money.
Service industry needing trackers for vans

A 2020 study by Bobit Business Media shows that the continued use of outdated fleet business practices strains customer relationships, increases operational challenges, and lowers companies’ bottom line. The solution: greater use of van GPS trackers.

After interviews with more than 1,200 fleet managers, this study was able to conclude how trackers for vans can help the service industry enhance operational flexibility and efficiency.

Van GPS Tracker: Improving Efficiency & Productivity

The results of the survey revealed that the service industry can boost business efficiency and productivity by adopting new technological solutions such as Van GPS tracking. Trackers for vans offer advanced features such as real-time tracking, route history, timefencing and geofencing.

Here’s how respondents said fleet software helped their company succeed:

  • 50% said it helped to quickly re-route drivers and keep their fleet more nimble
  • 48% thought that being able to update schedules in near real-time was a priority
  • 45% benefited from giving customers accurate ETAs
  • 36% said that digitalising customer information and record-keeping was of high importance

Assigning Jobs, Planning Routes & Van GPS Tracking

Using a whiteboard instead of a van GPS tracker

According to the survey, a disproportionate number of businesses struggle to plan routes and assign jobs. 74% did not have a dedicated, digitalised system in place; 25% still use whiteboards to assign tasks.

This has seriously reduced their ability to track their technicians and meet customer expectations.

To create a seamless system that efficiently allocates field technicians to jobs as they become available, the survey suggests the adoption of fleet management software and van GPS trackers for real-time monitoring of vehicles. 

Trackers for vans were also highlighted to help tackle some of the industries biggest challenges.

Challenges for the Service Industry

From survey, there were three stand-out challenges that the service industry is currently facing. Below, we have listed those challenges and how trackers for vans can help businesses tackle them head-on: 

1. Meeting Customer Demands and Expectations (56%

Managing expectations by being able to send accurate ETAs to customers can really help in this department. Of course, if you are able to optimise your fleet (and their routes), you are also able to deliver to more customers in one day.

Linked to this, a van GPS tracker can also help employers locate and send out the closest vehicle to an appointment. This not only lowers the average customer wait time, but can further optimise a fleet and its routes.

2. Reducing Profit Margins (48%) 

Boosting the bottom line is always a priority, especially in the service industry where profit margins are reducing. Van GPS tracking, though, can save businesses up to 20%.

Optimising existing fleet routes (and avoiding hiring more driving staff), slashing petrol costs and freeing up time through administrative digitalisation are just some of the ways van GPS tracking can help increase profit margins.

3. Not Enough Drivers to Meet Business Demands (47%)

When facing greater demand, most employers hire extra drivers – eating into their profit margins. When hiring is not possible, businesses can get overwhelmed and cannot meet those customer demands. Optimising your existing fleet with trackers for vans can help you meet customer demands without any need for more drivers.

Trackers for Vans & Other Fleet Management Features

A key selling point for fleet management systems is anti-theft features made possible with van GPS trackers. However, installing a tracker in your van is more than a one-solution-fix. 

GPS trackers and fleet management systems provide a vast array of functionalities fleet managers can use to improve productivity, cut running costs, and better serve customers.

The latest van GPS tracker solutions allow managers to monitor vehicle misuse, gain valuable insights from past vehicle routes, and easily monitor driving hours. Advanced van management technologies also allow fleet managers to create geo based and time based alarms, making it easier than ever to detect theft or decrease driver stress.

Because of their failure to adopt new fleet management solutions, many businesses face challenges in meeting customer demands and expectations. Continued use of outdated fleet management practices increases operating costs, complicates scheduling and job assignments, and ultimately reduces profit margins.
Thankfully, the latest fleet management software products bundle multiple features that solve these problems and with the right guidance it’s easy to decide which product is right for your business. Installing a van GPS tracker offers all the tools you need to manage your fleet efficiently and increase revenue.

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