Travel Managers: Mobility Is Changing in the Business World

If you are a Fleet Manager you may also have to take on the role of Travel Manager. Business mobility is changing. Learn how and keep your business moving.
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How we move about for business is ever-changing, as is the role of the travel manager. This year in particular has shown the need to be flexible when it comes to business travel. The increased number of employees working from home combined with the rising demand for more sustainable business practices is changing both how people travel to and from work as well as how they travel for work. 

Today, the fleet manager is also a travel manager. This article will cover the topic of business mobility, how it’s changing, why it’s changing and what can be done about it. 

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How is mobility changing in the business world? 

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Business travel is rapidly evolving. The UK government has recently unveiled new tax regulations and restrictions regarding electric fleet vehicles, Clean Air Zones (CAZs) and more in a move to encourage more sustainable business practices. 

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Moreover, it’s estimated that 91% of UK office workers want to work from home at least part of the time in the future. Covid-19 has certainly contributed to this trend. It’s unlikely that employees will rush back to the office anytime soon, citing increased savings, improved mental health and more time with family as the perks of working from home. 

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Why are fleet managers becoming travel managers?  

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These aforementioned changes all affect the way we travel for business. A company’s fleet may now need to include company cars, pool cars, a grey fleet or some combination of the three. Fleet managers need to create new travel options for employees — like carpooling or ride sharing — so they have the option to work from home, the office or on location with a client. 

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The role of a fleet manager isn’t as clear cut as it once was. This shift in business travel means that fleet managers will be taking on more tasks associated with travel managers.

Implementing travel policies and overseeing ride sharing bookings are just two of the new tasks fleet managers will be responsible for. 

How a digital fleet management system can help 

Fleet managers using outdated paper logs to track their vehicles will find it almost impossible to accurately log data. With company vehicles being used for carpooling, ride sharing and / or  private use, there’s too much room for human error to properly track vehicles. 

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By using a digital fleet management system, fleet managers will have a better overview of all employees regardless of where they’re working from. Even if a fleet manager is working from home, they can view the location of the company vehicles at a glance. Moreover, digital fleet management systems make it easier to track mileage, optimise routes and ensure that vehicles are not being misused when off company property — all of which is crucial if a single vehicle is being used by multiple employees. 

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Fleet managers turned travel managers 

The role of a fleet manager has undergone major changes recently. With more employees working from home and an increased demand for sustainable business practices, such as carpooling and ride sharing, fleet managers need to be more flexible than ever before. Digital fleet management systems are a necessary investment for fleet managers looking to keep up with these changing times. 

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