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Ready to streamline your workflow and optimise your fleet? We’re here to help guide you through the decision making process.
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With so many fleet management companies out there, weighing the pros and cons of the various Van GPS Trackers can be overwhelming. At their core, each GPS tracking software allows you to see where each of your vehicles are — but what about all the add-ons available with different software packages? 

If you’re ready to streamline your workflow and optimise your fleet quickly and efficiently but have no clue which van GPS trackers to invest in, don’t worry! We’re here to help guide you through the decision making process. 

5 Key Elements Of A Good Van GPS Tracker

When it comes to purchasing van GPS tracking software, the main thing to remember is this: you don’t want to pay more than you need simply to have more features. Because what’s the point of splurging for those extra features if you’re not going to use them or you don’t understand how they can benefit your fleet? 

A good van GPS tracking software (made by a good fleet management company) is simple, easy to use and has features that will directly benefit your business. Here are five of the primary features to look out for when choosing GPS management software for your fleet. 

1. Route History Documentation 

One of the most important features your van GPS tracking software should have is the ability to review each journey your vehicles have logged. With this kind of data, it’s easy to make improvements to your drivers’ routes, limit idling time, and increase your fleet’s efficiency. 

2. Theft Prevention 

A car thief

A good van GPS tracking software will notify you when a vehicle is being used outside of business hours or when it leaves an established geo-zone. Whether you’re on the clock or relaxing at home, you’ll be alerted to any suspicious activity and can react accordingly to potential theft attempts

3. Data Exportation 

It’s one thing for your fleet tracking system to be collecting data about your vehicles, but what happens when they limit how often you can access that data? Be it for submitting tax information, sharing data across departments, or easily creating timesheets, the data collected on your vehicles through a fleet management company should be available to you whenever you need it. After all, it is your data.

4. User-Friendly 

User-friendly GPS Fleet being used in a car

Another key aspect of any good van GPS tracking software is its ease of use. Again, there’s no point in paying for fleet management software that comes with all the bells and whistles if it’s a pain to figure out. Look for van GPS tracking software with a user-friendly interface, and see if it has an accompanying app that can be downloaded onto your cell phone, laptop, or tablet. This way, you’ll be able to manage your fleet when you’re away from your desk as well. 

5. Easy Installation 

Install a GPS Fleet device into a car

Certain van GPS tracking software requires a trip to the garage for installation. Not only will this wrack up a serious bill, but it will also leave you without access to certain vehicles until the installation is complete. Instead of dealing with the hassle of a garage installation, look for a van GPS tracking software that you can easily install yourself

What to Consider Before Buying a Van GPS Tracker

Only you know exactly what your fleet’s needs are, so it’s up to you to carefully consider the pros and cons of the GPS management softwares on the market. However, here are a few key things to consider before you buy: 

  • How many vehicles need to be equipped with van GPS tracking software? 
  • What’s your budget for this kind of software? 
  • What problems do you need this software to address? 
  • Who will be using this software? Does this affect the type of software you’ll need to buy? 
  • Do you want to have an account manager or support team that you can call when you have questions? 
Vimcar's GPS Fleet device

Now that you’ve reviewed the five key aspects of any good van GPS tracking and know which basic questions to ask yourself before buying anything, you’re ready to start weighing your options. 

One fleet management company that meets all the above requirements is Vimcar. Vimcar’s Fleet Geo has a simple plug-and-play installation, is compatible with all vehicle brands, plus it has its own app, meaning you can manage your fleet from anywhere. Compare Fleet Geo to the other van GPS tracking on the market — we think you’ll be very impressed with its useful, easy-to-use features. 

Why Vimcar’s Van GPS Tracking might be right for you?

Thumbs up

Vimcar designs all its fleet software to be easy-to-use by any small or medium-sized business. Its van GPS trackers, Fleet Geo, is no different. Not only can it be self-installed by any business, in minutes, but its software is made to be used by anyone: its user-friendliness is one of its key assets.

Vimcar has made van GPS tracking accessible for every British company.

Flexible pricing & no hidden costs

Vimcar’s flexible pricing plans are also made to fit anyone’s needs. Starting from just £7.90, you can install this industry-leading van GPS trackers at a lower price than most devices on the market.

Here are Vimcar’s pricing plans, broken down:

  • Monthly: cancel any month you want with their monthly plan. Get this obligation-free deal for £11.90.
  • 12 months: get a standard, yearly contract for only £9.90.
  • 24 months: this bargain price plan works out at £7.90 and lasts two years.

Unlike most van GPS trackers, Fleet Geo does not come with hidden costs. If you are looking to compare van GPS trackers, make sure you know if the following is included in the price:

  • Installation fees
  • Cancellation fees
  • Administration charges
  • De-installation costs
  • Service calls
  • Shipping charges

Test our Van GPS Trackers for a month

That’s right, we offer all customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. We want to give every business the time to see how Fleet Geo can fit their business needs, without any financial stress.

These 30 days gives you the chance to install, test and try Fleet Geo. You will also receive a free tour and on-call fleet advice from our customer support team, to help you get settled in.

Beyond those 30 days, our van GPS tracking package also comes with a free hardware replacement. That means, if your van GPS tracker is stolen or lost, we’ll send over a replacement for free!

Customer service ensuring your fleet succedes

Customer service agent

Our customer service team not only believes in being there to help, whenever you need it, but to do everything it can to help your business succeed. We know that with our van GPS trackers your business can save time, money and hassle. That’s why our team sets out a plan to make that happen.

Every customer, when they buy Vimcar’s van GPS trackers, will receive the following:

  1. A dedicated agent. We don’t want any customer to go unattended. That’s why every customer will receive their own support agent, available every business day of the week.
  2. Individual onboarding. This entails a full, guided tour of our van GPS tracking software when you first install Fleet Geo. This means your ready to start optimising right from the word go.
  3. Free informational material. We also give customers the option to keep informed about our van GPS tracking through brochures, videos and ebooks.

Finding out about Vimcar’s Van GPS Tracker

Whilst choosing van GPS tracking software is up to you and your business, it is worth reading our Fleet Geo brochure, to see how our fleet solutions could fit your business.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak on the phone about how our pricing and product can be tailored to your business’s needs, we would be happy to hear from you.

Some of our Fleet Geo solutions include:

1. Vehicle Misuse Prevention

Our van GPS tracking software notifies you of any potential unauthorised use of your company vehicles and how your drivers operate. Fleet Geo provides greater control for managers and executives who need it. The software also notifies fleet managers whenever any vehicle is active outside of business hours.

2. Improving Customer Service

Finding the right driver on fleet GPS tablet app

With a more efficient fleet, Fleet Geo gives you real-time data on your drivers’ ETAs. Our customisable notifications also send alerts immediately a driver leaves the depot or cargo reaches its destination. We allow you to check your drivers’ appointment attendance without disturbing the drivers.

3. Finding the Right Driver

Our van GPS tracking software allows your management to easily locate and dispatch the nearest vehicles to deliver packages quicker and more efficiently. We use the most accurate real-time GPS tracking, refreshing every 20 seconds, to precisely pinpoint every fleet vehicle’s exact point.

4. Theft Protection

Our Fleet Geo track all vehicles’ live locations and customise your alert system to notify you of any suspicious activity in your fleet. Our customisable solutions notify you whenever a company vehicle leaves the premises outside of business hours.

You always know the exact location of your fleet using our real-time solutions.

5. Route Optimisation

Routes tracked on Vimcar's Fleet GPS

Fleet Geo’s route tracking allows fleet managers and drivers to access their route history and avoid route overlaps. This helps the business to avoid any unnecessarily long journeys or time-wasting stops. Our van GPS tracker allows businesses to filter through routes and use our easy-to-read overview of journey details such as speeds, routes taken, and duration and breaks.

Our solution optimises routes to provide you with more time- and fuel-efficient journeys.

These solutions can be game-changing for your organisation by encouraging fuel consumption, driver supervision, and preventative maintenance.

Customers Benefiting from our Van GPS Trackers

Our Fleet Geo solutions and van GPS trackers have helped businesses become more effective and efficient with their fleet management.

Customers of Vimcar's Fleet GPS

Critical Facilities Solutions (CFS)

Fleet Geo’s van GPS tracking software has helped CFS see their fleet costs slashed and improved customer service. The company has become a much more effective team.

“Everything is dead-easy and simple.”

Active Traffic Management (ATM)

Finding the nearest vehicle to provide emergency appointments for emergency call outs and uses has become a lot easier for ATM. The company has also managed to reduce its fuel costs significantly with Vimcar’s van GPS tracking.

“What would you say to potential Vimcar customers? Just do it!”

More customers of Vimcar's Fleet GPS

Doherty’s Meats

Vimcar’s Finding the Nearest Vehicle and Route Optimisation solutions have helped the company become more efficient and effective in meeting its fleet bottom line.

“Very professional. 10 out of 10.”

Vimcar has made its van GPS tracking software accessible to every British company. We also welcome you to get in touch with us on the phone about our product solutions and pricing. We will be happy to hear from you.

Union Plumbing

Union Plumbing is a gas and engineering firm based in West Yorkshire. The company’s use of Fleet Geo has helped improve its customer service and maintained its fleet safety.

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