Prepare Your Fleet For Winter (Or Another Lockdown) With Route Planning UK

Preparing your business couldn’t be easier thanks to route planning. Explore the reasons why your business should opt for safety this winter.
Route planning UK: Start your business

With harsher weather just around the corner, this year’s winter season has the potential to be a particularly tough one for fleets, struggle with the global pandemic, supply shortages and the lack of available HGV drivers.

But winter can prove to be a difficult season in general. With winter comes:

  • Worse weather
  • More hazardous road conditions
  • Greater holiday demand from employees
  • Increased delivery demand for the Christmas period

Fleet managers can’t prevent winter and its implications from occurring. However, you can prepare your fleet for winter with high-grade route planning UK solutions. These are specifically designed to keep your fleet drivers safe and keep your fleet running, even with high demand and short supply. 

Read on to find out how to prepare for winter from the convenience of your own route planning app with fleet management solutions.

Keep Your Drivers Safe With Route Planning UK

Route planning UK: Safety firsty

Winter conditions – fog, icy roads and wet periods, unfortunately, increase the potential for accidents, compromising the safety of your drivers. Furthermore, these conditions also increase stress. Driving in bad weather is in itself a stressful experience, especially during periods of high business demand.

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Luckily, you can better equip your fleet and drivers during the winter months by making use of route planning UK. When it comes to optimising driver safety, a high-quality fleet tracking solution, such as Vimcar’s Fleet Geo, utilises a dynamic. route planning UK feature.

Unlike commonly used route planning applications, such as Google Maps or similar, Fleet Geo’s route planning UK feature is specifically designed to keep your drivers safe. It includes information about:

  • Hazardous areas of road
  • Roadworks
  • Clean Air Zones
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Mandatory rest breaks for HGV drivers

Fleet Geo’s route planning UK feature, therefore, makes driving during winter months less of a headache for your drivers and relieves stress by planning ahead. Moreover, the route planning UK feature also makes your journeys more efficient.

 It also provides information about shop opening and closing times and updates your journeys in real-time should obstacles arise. 

Through this, you can reach the client quicker and reduce business mileage, saving today’s expensive fuel costs.

You can easily view the route planning UK feature with the Vimcar app via your own personalised credentials. The feature makes the app count as a route planning app among other specialised features. 

Stay Aware That A Second Lockdown Might Be On The Way

Route planning UK: Save money with Vimcar

As with the winter of 2020, the looming threat of a repeated nationwide can’t be ruled out. A lockdown means that working from home becomes essential. Gathering at the office or warehouse is prohibited or can only be done with strict social distancing.

As a result, this means that technology plays an integral role in planning your operations, and Vimcar provides solutions to help you do so. This includes the route planning app:

  • Fleet Tracking by Vimcar: Plan your routes
  • Fleet Admin by Vimcar: Sort administrative tasks in a centralised database

Because of this, Vimcar is a service provider that sorts your business, even with a looming pandemic. The Vimcar route planning app is specifically designed to keep your business up and running, even when a tough economic situation bites hard into the winter.

Summary: Route Planning UK: Vimcar’s Route Planning App Sorts Your Needs

Even with a tough winter approaching, Vimcar provides specific products to keep your business going. Winter is a particularly tough month, but Vimcar’s services take a load off of your mind thanks to its specially designed products. 

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