Invest in the Right Field Service Management Software

Field service management software is essential in keeping your business organised. Find out which tools stand out from the crowd.
Field service management software: Why does it matter?

Plumbers, electricians, repairmen, joiners — no matter what field-based business you run, it’s critical that you utilise field service management software to oversee your fleet vehicles and organise your workers. Field service software has many benefits, chief among them being a more streamlined business as a whole. 

Knowing which workers are where, and which of your business vehicles they’re driving makes it easier to delegate tasks quickly and efficiently. No unnecessary ad hoc calls to your workers required! 

This article will share just a few ways Vimcar’s software can be used to organise and manage workers in field-based industries. 

1. Manage Incoming Requests From Customers

Fleet Geo lets you oversee your workers and vehicles in real-time. When customers call with last-minute projects or urgent service needs, you’ll be able to quickly locate the nearest vehicle and send it over immediately

Knowing the real-time location of your workers also allows you to give accurate ETAs. For customers requiring emergency repair services, for example, knowing exactly when a repairman is going to arrive will give them peace of mind in the meantime. 

2. Increase Visibility of Your Fleet’s Work

Field service software gets you going

With so many workers out in the field — sometimes working at multiple sites in one day — it doesn’t make sense to track their various projects with a simple spreadsheet or a paper log. Fleet Admin is a more efficient field management software that organises your business’s data all in one place, and with customisable dashboards. 

You can use the software to set task reminders, which come in handy when you’re overseeing a multi-step project such as flooring installation or home remodeling. Fleet Admin automates your workflow and calculates costs and cost outliers for you, thus freeing up the extra time you need to manage your workers and attend to your customers. 

3. Allocate Drivers More Easily 

Fleet Geo can be used in conjunction with Vimcar’s Driver ID field service management software. Driver ID makes real-time decision making easier than ever. When job requests come in, you’ll be able to send the right driver to the customer’s address. 

Knowing both which vehicle and which driver is closest to a customer’s address is especially useful for field-based businesses offering a variety of services. You always want to send the most qualified worker to each job! 

4. Monitor Driver Performance 

Field management software is great for your business

Workers who display unsafe driving behaviours not only threaten others on the road, but your business’s image as well. With Driving Style Analysis (DSA), your workers will be scored based on factors like speeding, acceleration, idling and phone usage. 

DSA’s scoring system gives you a better overview of your workers’ driving behaviour, which lets you identify outliers and correct them as needed. When your workers arrive at a job site, they need to drive professionally, and DSA’s software ensures that you’ll be able to enforce this. 

5. Improve Customer Service 

Vimcar’s software helps customer service for field-based businesses in numerous ways. Fleet Geo can be used to provide customers with proof of delivery. For example, if a customer is away from home while work is being done on their home, you’ll be able to provide proof that your workers showed up on time and completed the task they were assigned. 

Moreover, you can utilise Fleet Geo’s route history feature to see how long a worker was at a specific job site. If it took longer than expected to complete a job, you can review it with them to see if there were any issues that cropped up and that could be improved moving forward. 

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Field Management Software for a Better Business 

Investing in field service software like Fleet Geo, Fleet Admin, and / or Driver ID makes organising and managing field-based workers much easier. With this type of software, you’ll be able to improve your customer service, increase the visibility of your fleet’s work, monitor driver performance and allocate drivers quickly. 

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