Vimcar Offers Businesses Preventative Maintenance Software

Preventative maintenance is essential in keeping your vehicles on the road. Find out how preventative maintenance software does this.
Preventative maintenance software holds the key.

As a fleet manager, driver, or fleet mechanic, the term “preventative maintenance” is one that should not be alien to you. Preventative maintenance plays a key role to allow your business to run smoothly, keep your operations safe and a considerable amount of money long-term.

Moreover, strict maintenance standards are also important to business owners and managers. Ultimately, they are responsible for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their employees as well as upholding equipment quality. This makes preventative maintenance an unavoidable business procedure. 

Luckily, Vimcar offers its clients fleet preventative maintenance software. It supports fleet staff, business owners and makes your life at work easier. This post outlines the core of what you need to know about preventative maintenance as well as how Vimcar’s preventative maintenance software improves your business.

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What Is Preventative Maintenance?

When it comes to safety issues and saving maintenance costs, the best way is to make sure that they don’t arise in the first place. Preventative maintenance is a series of non-reactive actions to avoid future operational and safety, issues as well as increasing asset lifespan. This includes:

  • Cleaning and lubricating mechanical items
  • Replacing/upgrading components
  • Carrying out inspections
  • Keeping the workplace tidy 

These are a series of necessary precautions to prevent accidents and downtime from occurring.

What Is Preventative Fleet Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance software makes your life easier.

Fleet maintenance basically involves the same procedures as general preventative maintenance within a fleet context. It involves making sure that vehicles within your fleet are kept up to standard. This helps to avoid breakdowns, reduce vehicle downtime and keep your vehicles roadworthy.

It also plays a crucial role in improving the lifespan of your vehicles. Better maintained vehicles perform better as a result. They become more fuel-efficient, safer for drivers and are far less likely to experience mechanical issues. All of these factors add up to create a safer working environment for employees and save you money. 

Preventative maintenance for your vehicles catches minor issues before they become major. For example, this could be a slightly inefficient engine or a faulty dial. These issues are easily fixed and require a small maintenance investment. If left unchecked, these problems will only become exponential. A breakdown puts your vehicles out of action and endangers the safety of your employees, not to mention the far higher eventual maintenance cost. 

What Is Preventative Maintenance Software?

Traditionally, preventative maintenance procedures are recorded manually via pen and paper. However, issues arise out of this practice itself. The recorded analysis is often inaccurate and costs fleet managers considerable time.

Vimcar’s preventative maintenance software comes in to digitalise this process. It caters for a robust and efficient preventative maintenance approach, aligning vehicle reports and maintenance data for all relevant employees within your business. 

It also comes equipped with specialised features and tools to reduce vehicle downtime and keep vehicles roadworthy as efficiently as possible. This is where Vimcar’s Fleet Geo and Fleet Admin products come in.

Fleet Geo by Vimcar 

Fleet Geo is a fleet tracking solution. It is designed to give fleet managers a real-time overview into the location, driver information as well as the performance of each vehicle. This includes fuel consumption rate, vehicle speed as well as any other relevant information that you would find on each vehicle’s odometer. 

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Preventative maintenance software is also offered via fleet tracking.

As a fleet manager, you can view each vehicle’s information in real-time over a web application via mobile, tablet or desktop. Through this, Fleet Geo gives you a transparent overview into which driver is driving which vehicle, and how they are driving it.

Poor driving habits, such as frequent speeding as well as excessive personal use, contribute significantly to a vehicle performing badly and breaking down. Fleet Geo helps avoid this by acting as a form of preventative maintenance software through transparency. When your employees know that each vehicle is tracked, they are more likely to handle company vehicles with care. 

Fleet Geo comes equipped with special features, such as driver identification, geofencing and timefencing to make sure that your vehicles are only used when and how they should be used. Not only does keep drivers safe, but it also improves the upkeep of your vehicles.

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Fleet Admin by Vimcar

Fleet Admin by Vimcar is a form of fleet management software. It comes alongside Fleet Geo or you acquire it separately. The tool assists fleet managers and the crew to improve their day-to-day tasks. Moreover, it takes care of your administration needs so that you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

The tool comes into its own when it comes to digitally storing vehicle information. This includes MOT checks, vehicle information readings, fuel efficiency readings and invoices for external workshops, and much more. It acts as a centralised platform for all of your administration needs for your fleet. Therefore, it replaces manual logbooks and countless excel sheets to record your preventative maintenance readings and data. 

Fleet Admin makes you more organised. The more organised your preventative maintenance, the less likely your vehicles will experience downtime.

To keep track of important preventative maintenance items, you can create your own notifications and enter issue deadlines into the system. Moreover, the centralised system keeps track of and organises your fleet costs. This includes any planned repairs from third-party workshops. You can be reminded of important issues and dates with push notifications as well as view your expenditures with the user-intuitive cost analytics feature.

Conclusion: Trust Vimcar’s Preventative Maintenance Software

Vimcar provides industry-leading digital solutions for SMEs when it comes to improving their business. Fleet Geo and Fleet Admin come into their own with special features to improve your general maintenance. As a result, you save untold costs and have much more time left over.

Reap the rewards of subscription-based preventative maintenance software, and start experiencing the benefits that Vimcar can bring to your business. Contact us today to organise your specialised Vimcar package.

For further preventative measures, visit our Van Damage page and download our free van check sheet.

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