Vimcar’s Driver Identification Tool For Fleet Managers

How does driver identification work, and why does it matter to your business? Find out with this post.
Driver identification will bring your business many benefits.

With the Driver ID feature now available through Vimcar’s Fleet Geo GPS tracking system, businesses of all sizes can more efficiently monitor their drivers and fleet vehicles just at a glance. 

With this new update fleet managers now have greater everyday efficiency.

How do driver IDs work?

Driver identification tracking is easy to implement within your fleet. Your drivers will receive a small Bluetooth device, roughly the size of a key. They can then attach the device to their key-chaines or place it directly in their pocket. The device will only transmit data when the driver is near a vehicle installed with a Vimcar vehicle tracker. It is that easy!

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Driver identification matters.

Why Does Driver Identification Matter?

Vimcar listens to the needs of our customers and we are always looking for ways to improve the process of fleet management. That is why we are proud to bring our customers the driver identification feature. Here are three ways driver ID can benefit your company:

1. Greater Visibility

With the driver identification feature included with Vimcar’s fleet management system, Fleet Geo, it becomes a lot easier to keep tabs on driver behaviour. 

2. Job to Driver Distribution

Gone are the days when you could only know which vehicle was on the road. Now with driver identification you can see which vehicle and which driver are on their way to a job or are returning to the office. 

Not only is this beneficial when it comes to enforcing social-distancing and hygiene procedures, but driver ID tools help fleet managers keep their drivers safe. Furthermore, it becomes much easier to distribute new jobs or tasks when you know which driver is in which vehicle.

3. Easily Identify Reckless Drivers

It’s not comfortable to think about but the fact of the matter is not all drivers will care for their company vehicle as well as you’d like them to. For the vehicle fleet manager who finds themselves needing to take company vehicles in for maintenance quite regularly than driver IDs can help you narrow down the source of the problem.

Additionally, with driver identifications installed you can effortlessly identify patterns across different drivers and see where proper or additional training may be lacking. Perhaps your fleet has incredibly high fuel expenses or seems to run through tyres far too quickly. Once you can identify whether this is a company wide issue or a problem to address with a specific driver you can get your fleet back on track.

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Driver ID Tools for the Modern Fleet 

Get driver identification software with Vimcar.

Vimcar values agility and progression when it comes to our products. Prioritising the needs of our customers is how we are able to offer affordable and reliable business vehicle trackers to companies across the UK. Our new driver identification tool is just another way we give our customers greater control over their fleet.

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