How Can Driver Alerts & Monitoring Improve Fleet Efficiency?

Stop wasting time and money by letting your vehicle fleet go unmonitored. The data speaks for itself — tracking your drivers while on the road improves productivity by up to 30%. Learn why that is:
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Business owners can often mistakenly believe that fleet tracking systems only show the real-time location of their fleet vehicles. However, investing in a fleet tracking system benefits your business in multiple ways. Most notably, fleet trackers have various driver monitoring features that can help you identify vehicle misuse, protect against theft and so much more. 

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This article will review the main ways the driver alerts and driver monitoring features in a fleet tracking system can improve your fleet’s efficiency

How Driver Monitoring Improves Fleet Efficiency 

Fleet tracking systems like Fleet Geo keep automatic records for every vehicle in your fleet. This information can be accessed digitally, making it easy to filter the data and access the precise numbers you need. 

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Here are the top ways that Fleet Geo’s  driver monitoring features will improve your fleet’s efficiency: 

1. Prove Job Attendance 

Fleet Geo tracks a vehicle’s location in real time and records its route digitally. If a driver tries to make a delivery or fulfill an appointment and the client doesn’t come to the door, the data logged by the fleet tracking system provides evidence that your driver tried to complete the job. 

This saves you the time you would have otherwise spent combing through paper logs to prove an employee’s attendance. Plus, it’s a simple way to improve customer support and show that your driver did in fact try to complete the job. 

2. Confirm Employees’ Working Times 

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Keeping track of drivers’ working hours is important for both legal and financial reasons. With Fleet Geo, the working times of each driver is recorded automatically. With this information, you can quickly and easily confirm the number of hours each driver worked in a week and pay them accordingly. Plus, the data logged by the fleet tracking system can be used to confirm that drivers are taking the appropriate number and length of rests that are legally required of them. 

3. Identify Vehicle Misuse 

Another key benefit of utilising driver alerts is that it can help identify and reduce vehicle misuse. A simple way to identify vehicle misuse is to set geofences and time fences for each vehicle. 

A geofence lets you set virtual, geographical boundaries around each vehicle. For example, you can create a geofence around the company car park. You’d then be notified if a vehicle is driven outside the car park when it’s supposed to remain parked. 

Similarly, you can create a time fence to be notified whenever a vehicle is being used outside a certain time frame, such as after business hours. If an employee tries to drive a vehicle after work, you’ll be notified immediately when that vehicle leaves the car park. 

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Driver Monitoring for Fleet Safety 

Driver alerts also help maintain a safe fleet. Fleet Geo records any excessive speeding; with this information, you can correct any poor driving behaviours before they become a problem. This is one of the many ways that driver monitoring benefits both your business and your drivers. 

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Moreover, custom geofences and time fences — as discussed above — can help protect against vehicle theft and misuse. Vehicles that are properly maintained and driven correctly will last for longer, saving your business time and money in the long-run. And if a vehicle is stolen, you can pinpoint the real-time location of the vehicle and give that information to the police. 

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Driver Alerts for a Safer, More Efficient Fleet  

Fleet tracking systems like Fleet Geo can benefit your fleet in so many ways. With its driver monitoring features, Fleet Geo can prove job attendance, confirm the hours an employee worked, identify vehicle misuse and poor driving behaviour. 

For more information on how Fleet Geo can make your fleet more efficient, contact our team of customer service representatives today. 

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