Why Vimcar Fleet Geo Provides The Best Route Planner App For SMEs

Best route planner app with Vimcar's Fleet Geo

The market is rife when it comes to choosing your best route planner app. With an abundance of solutions available, SMEs can have a tough time deciding what to opt for.

Luckily, Vimcar’s Fleet Geo solution is specifically designed for SMEs. It is widely regarded as the best route planner app for those who want to implement it quickly, without compromising on quality. Fleet Geo is designed to be as easy to install as possible, using a tandem of high-grade hardware and software to give you the best route planner app experience.

Fleet Geo emphasises simplicity and usability over excess. It gives SMEs precisely what they need for easier and more efficient route planning. Read on to find out how it all works.

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Best Route Planner App For SMEs: Dynamism with Fleet Geo

Best route planning with the best route planner app

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo fleet tracking solution is dynamic, using real-time data to always give you the best route planning. By acquiring your Fleet Geo package, you receive tracking hardware in the form of a dongle or battery-fitted box. This means that you can equip each vehicle in your fleet with a tracking device. 

You also receive personalised login credentials for your Vimcar Fleet Geo app. This allows you to dynamically track the location data of each fleet vehicle in real-time, right from the best route planner app!

From this, the best route planner app also uses specifically designed features to create the best route planning experience, improving business efficiency and saving you money.

Route History

The best route planner app gives you route history

Fleet Geo helps you optimise your journeys by giving you a concise overview of where your vehicles have been. This is where the route history feature comes into play. Route history gives you control and transparency over the location history of your vehicles. Route history also means route optimisation

Hard, digital evidence into the routes your drivers take also means that you can spot room for improvement. As a result, optimised routes means less business mileage, and less spent on fuel.

Precise route history records also provide digital records of your drivers’ job durations. Hard data is the way forward when it comes to keeping records, rather than having to speculatively trust or rely on goodwill. 

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Dynamic Driver Dispatch

The best route planner app gives you dynamic driver dispatch

Spontaneous order requests or emergency callouts can’t be planned for in advance. To get jobs done quickly, SMEs need to ensure that they remain prepared for whatever the customer may need. 

This is exactly what Vimcar kept in mind when developing the Fleet Geo tracking solution to become the best route planner app. Therefore, dynamic driver dispatch was created to allow fleet managers to send their closest driver to the customer. 

From the comfort of the best route planner app, you can reach the customer quicker than ever before. A transparent, real-time overview of your fleet location puts you in control of your operations. Easily send the closest driver to the customer, and your business benefits by becoming more efficient. 

Moreover, high-quality service is one of the top factors to maintain customer satisfaction. This includes convenience and delivery. Being able to reach the customer quicker ranks as a key factor here, making your business one that your customers can rely on.

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Driver Identification

Driver Id is also included as part of the best route planner app

The best route planner app also gives you transparency into who is driving which vehicle. This also means that you no longer have to guess which driver is driving where and how. As part of your Vimcar Fleet Geo package, you can also receive a Bluetooth beacon. 

Vimcar’s Bluetooth beacons easily attach to your drivers’ keychains. Once near a fleet vehicle, the beacon transmits the holding driver information to the Fleet Geo app. This is an example of how the best route planner app is based on efficient and smart technology to give you the best route planning experience.

Identifying who the driver is is also a viable business improvement opportunity. You can acquire Vimcar’s Driver Style Analysis (DSA) tool as part of your Vimcar Fleet Geo package. This gives you an accurate and transparent insight into your drivers’ driving habits. Improve dangerous and inefficient driving behaviour that can cost your business in added fuel costs and insurance premiums. 

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Summary: Opt For Smart Technology Over Guesswork

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo is designed to bring your SME to the next level using smart technology. Our route planning solution optimises your fleet journeys, helps you correct driver misuse, inefficient driving habits as well as giving you transparency with concrete data. Our innovative technology lets you plan routes in real-time, and your business becomes more dynamic as a result.

Vimcar also takes the hassle out of your administrative needs with our Fleet Admin solution. This also uses data and a centralised location to store external invoices, MOT reminders as well as maintenance checks. Say goodbye to unorganised excel sheets and post-it notes. 

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