Fleet Geo Can Help When It Comes To Big Fleet Tracking

Though all fleets face similar challenges, large fleets are particularly affected if those challenges go unaddressed. From managing fuel consumption to reducing vehicle misuse, large fleets can benefit greatly from GPS tracking systems.
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No matter the size, fleets across the UK face similar challenges. But seemingly small issues that merely inconvenience small fleets can overwhelm big fleets. From unnecessary idling to poor route planning to vehicle misuse, these challenges quickly add up when they affect 15+ vehicles.

Managers of large fleets can’t afford to leave a single aspect of their fleet unoptimised — efficiency is key to saving time, money and resources. 

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One of the easiest ways to minimise these challenges and streamline a larger fleet is to invest in big fleet tracking. A digital fleet tracking system, like Fleet Geo, simplifies mileage tracking, route optimisation, vehicle tracking and so much more. This article will discuss the challenges big fleets face and how Fleet Geo can help. 

The Main Challenges Facing Large Fleets 

There are a number of hurdles big fleets must overcome on a daily basis. First and foremost, mileage tracking and fuel consumption are two of the biggest challenges fleet managers face. It goes without saying that the bigger the fleet, the higher the fuel costs. 

Get a Beginners Guide to Big Fleet Tracking:

Fuel Consumption

Optimising fuel consumption and reducing mileage is nearly impossible with outdated paper logs. However, a digital big fleet tracking system lets you examine routes retrospectively and optimise them for the future. A fleet tracking system also logs the mileage and idling times of every vehicle in your fleet. With this information, you can more easily identify your fleet’s weak points and make changes to reduce fuel costs moving forward.   

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Vehicle Misuse

Additionally, vehicle misuse is a greater problem within large fleets and corporations. A larger number of fleet vehicles makes it tough to keep track of them all. With a digital big fleet tracking system, you can see the location of your vehicles in real time. Moreover, you can set customised time and location alerts — called time fences and geofences — so that you’re immediately notified when a vehicle leaves a specified location or is used outside of business hours. 

Big Fleet Tracking for an Efficient Fleet 

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Choosing the right fleet tracking system for a big fleet can be tough. With so many vehicles in your fleet, you want a hardware that is easy and free to install in addition to a software that is intuitive and simple to use. Vimcar’s Fleet Geo has no hidden fees, meaning you won’t have to pay to install or de-install the hardware in any of your fleet vehicles. This equates to big savings for large fleets! 

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Vimcar is able to offer personalised offers to those with a fleet size of 15+ vehicles. Get in touch now to learn more about how Fleet Geo can save you time and money, and make managing a big fleet easier than ever. 

Choosing the Best Fleet Tracking System 

For big fleets, seemingly small challenges like mileage tracking, fuel consumption and vehicle misuse can quickly add up and lower a business’s bottom line. By investing in a big fleet tracking system, like Fleet Geo, fleet managers can reduce fuel costs, track vehicles, optimise routes and more. With no hidden costs and easy-to-install hardware, Fleet Geo is a worthy investment for large fleets.

Fleet Management & Logistics

Fleet management means managing commercial motor vehicles. These commercial motor vehicles could be cars, trucks, vans, and trailers. Managing private cars used for business reasons is also included in fleet management. The aim is to improve safety, productivity, and efficiency for corporate fleet and drivers. Today, fleet logistics is vital for big fleet tracking.

Benefits of Fleet Logistics Management

1. Helps Control Driver Behavior

Having a suitable driver for your vehicle is no guarantee. Some drivers may involve themselves in practices that could be hurting your revenues. These practices include aggressive driving, idling, shifting improperly, and breach of safety controls. Big fleet tracking reduces the risk of a driver indulging in such behavior by giving fleet managers data on such driver behaviour. It also helps reward the best drivers and improve fleet logistics.

2. Helps in Cutting Costs

Fleet logistics is primarily where the company depends on the vehicles to get the work done. You can reduce costs on fleet using fleet logistics software. It can help reduce fuel costs, for instance. Big fleet tracking helps fleets identify time-wasting overlaps in vehicles’ routes.

You can also find out which fleet vehicle is closest to a costumer address to help you send the right driver at the right time. This, of course, cuts down on mileage and fuel costs.

3. Improves Digitisation of vehicles

Fleet logistics management promotes the use of digital applications on motor vehicles. The digital applications could be used to track vehicle routes and get all information about a car. The digital apps also give notifications to alert that the car needs maintenance. Reporting becomes much better. The owner gets to know if the fleet vehicle is performing optimally.

4. Improves Vehicle Lifespan

Using big fleet tracking, you get indicators about the performance of your car. This ensures that all maintenance issues are handled in time. When a car is kept in the right conditions, the longevity of the vehicle improves.

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Fleet Geo & Fleet Logistics

Using Fleet Geo, businesses can cut costs and improve fleet logistics and productivity. Fleet Geo can also allow a person to save a lot of fleet-related time. Would you like to know more about Fleet Geo? Contact us today.

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