Calculate Your Fleet’s Running Cost With Cost Calculator Tool

Fuel costs can add up. This is why we’ve created a car running cost calculator for you to reliably track your costs.
Car running cost calculator - how high?

Fuel consumption, poor driving behaviour and vehicle mileage are just a few of the areas businesses should examine when trying to reduce fleet running costs. However, it’s impossible to tell what aspect of a fleet is driving up costs if you’re not actively tracking your running costs. 

This article will explain why tracking fleet costs is so important, and how it can be done using a cost per mile calculator and a fleet administration software. 

Why Track Fleet Running Costs? 

Businesses looking to maintain or reduce fleet running costs must track them. Without tracking fleet costs, it’s difficult to know which aspects of your fleet are increasing costs. 

Some of the most common areas of a fleet that can increase running costs include: 

  • Fuel consumption 
  • Poor driving behaviour 
  • Fleet mileage 
  • Unexpected vehicle maintenance 
  • Vehicle break downs 

Once you begin tracking your fleet running costs, you’ll notice cost outliers and can adjust your operation and maintenance schedules accordingly. 

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How to Reduce Fleet Running Costs

One of the best ways to reduce fleet running costs is to install a fleet administration software like Fleet Admin. With Fleet Admin, you can manage all of your fleet running costs in one place and receive automatic cost outlier reports. This will save you time, money and work in the long-run. 

Fleet Admin also grants you unlimited access to your fleet’s data. You can export cost reports for free for internal or external use. 

Another effective tool for reducing fleet costs is to utilise a car running cost calculator. With a cost per mile calculator, you can more accurately track your fleet’s running costs. 

Plus, you can use the data from the cost calculator to create fleet cost estimates for the future. If your fleet running costs exceed your estimates, then you’ll be able to pinpoint which area of your fleet operations is increasing costs. 

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Vimcar has created a free car running cost calculator to make calculating your fleet’s running costs easier. 

Tracking Fleet Running Costs with Fleet Admin Software 

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to install a fleet administration software like Fleet Admin. Fleet administration software not only helps reduce fleet running costs, but it also saves you so much time and effort. 

With Fleet Admin, costs are tracked automatically. You’ll no longer have to take the time to manually type each individual cost into a spreadsheet and run the calculations yourself. 

Plus, Fleet Admin sends automatic cost outlier reports. If any area of your fleet is costing more than you projected, you’ll be notified immediately and can react quickly. 

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Calculating & Reducing Fleet Running Costs

Businesses looking to reduce their fleet running costs should use a car running cost calculator to track them. It’s also recommended that businesses install a fleet administration software like Fleet Admin to automatically track costs and create cost outlier reports. 

In addition to tracking fleet costs, Vimcar‘s Fleet Admin can also be used to track mileage records, receive task reminders and automate workflows. 

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