Get A Full Picture Of Your Business With GPS Tracking In Cars, Vans and Lorries

GPS tracking in cars, vans or lorries isn’t a future concept – it’s very much alive today. Find out how your business benefits from this.
GPS tracking in cars - why is it important?

GPS-based fleet tracking is becoming ever more present within businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles. And with good reason too. A recent study found that businesses with GPS tracking in cars, vans and lorries benefit on many levels. 

GPS tracking in cars saves money

As a result, businesses experienced an average 23% increase in service calls and a 27.9% increase in operator compliance. 

Moreover, businesses with GPS tracking in cars, vehicles and lorries experienced an average 15% decrease in average job travel time and a 13.2% fuel cost reduction. 

What exactly is GPS tracking and how does it work? This blog outlines how you can get going with GPS tracking in cars, vans and lorries, and how it saves you time, hassle and money.

What Is GPS Tracking in Cars, Vans and Lorries?

Good GPS tracking is based on a combination of hardware and software to provide you with essential fleet data. GPS tracking for fleets also comes equipped with specialised features and tools, specifically designed for SMEs. 

By installing GPS tracking into cars, vans and lorries, you benefit by viewing the following information:

  • Real-time vehicle location
  • OBD vehicle analysis, including speed and acceleration
  • Which driver is driving what vehicle
  • What vehicles are ready for use
  • Which driver is closest to the client

Therefore, GPS tracking gives you a pinpoint operational overview of your fleet management. This means that you no longer have to second guess about the whereabouts of your individual vehicles, which driver is driving what vehicle and how they are driving it. In short, GPS tracking gives you untold primary and secondary benefits.

How does GPS Tracking work?

Good GPS tracking solutions, such as Fleet Geo by Vimcar, use cutting-edge GPS technology so that you can easily identify where your vehicles are in real-time. Furthermore, installing Fleet Geo’s GPS tracking in cars, vans or lorries is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Here’s how it works:

Start by Installing Hardware

The first step to get going with GPS tracking is to install GPS tracking in cars, vans and lorries. You receive a dongle or battery-fitted box, which are installed in different ways. 

The Dongle is intuitively easy to install. It can be done so in a matter of minutes with no prior training needed. You can view a step-by-step guide to installing the Vimcar Dongle with Fleet Geo below. 

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Active Software Lets You View Fleet Data

After the hardware is installed in each of your vehicles, their individual data is transmitted to your personal Vimcar account. The hardware works in unison as part of the software and allows you to track each individual vehicle data. You can easily view this data from the comfort of your mobile, tablet or desktop.

This means that once the hardware is installed into your vehicles, all you have to do is log into the GPS tracking cloud. You can then instantly start using GPS tracking to collect real-time location data, vehicle status, driver information and keep your fleet safe

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Why Should You Care About Your Fleet Performance?

GPS tracking in cars is good for keeping bad driving at bay

Fleet managers have many individual issues to manage as part of their fleet management tasks. If left unmanaged or neglected, the everyday to-do list can become overwhelming, and your business suffers as a result.

Poorly managed fleets are also expensive fleets. As a fleet manager, you have to keep a particular eye on the following to manage your costs:

  • Poor driving habits 
  • Unnecessary business mileage
  • Added fuel costs
  • Customer retention
  • Business reputation 
  • Preventative maintenance checks 

A GPS tracking solution, such as Vimcar’s Fleet Geo, not only tracks your individual vehicles, but driving behaviour too. It is specifically designed to be as easy to use as possible with a simple user interface. 

Fundamentally, Fleet Geo by Vimcar promotes a transparent working environment. Your commercial drivers will know that their driving behaviour, location, routes, driving hours are all directly tracked by the fleet manager. This means that they are less likely to use your vehicles for their own personal means, drive dangerously, drive outside of designated zones and designated times. 

Moreover, a fleet with responsible drivers also means that you are less likely to run into speeding fines, high insurance premiums and additional fuel costs. GPS tracking also means that your business operations are more efficient. The less your vehicles are on the road, the lower your business mileage, and the more fuel costs saved

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GPS Tracking in Cars, Vans and Lorries Means A Happy Customer

GPS tracking in your vehicles also means that you are logistically prepared to meet your customer needs. This is down to vehicle location tracking, enabling specialised features. This includes:

This essentially means that you can reach your customer quicker. For example, knowing exactly where your drivers and vehicles are means that you can easily dispatch your closest driver to the customer. This also means that same-day deliveries are a possibility. This is extremely important to much of the UK public nowadays. If your business can offer this, you will see your customer satisfaction rocket.

If your business specialises in multiple daily deliveries, a multi-drop route planner dynamically plans where you need to go, who needs to go where – all bearing delivery times in mind. GPS tracking in cars, vans and lorries, therefore, takes the hassle out of your logistics, and you can focus on making your customer happy. The happier the customer, the more customers you’ll make – meaning a happy chequebook.

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Summary: GPS Tracking Grows Your Business

GPS tracking isn’t a future concept. It’s very much a trend of today for successful and profitable fleets. Join many businesses profiting from a modernised fleet, safer driving conditions and a transparent workplace. When it comes to high-quality GPS tracking, look no further than Vimcar’s Fleet Geo.

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