Small Business Management Software For Fleets: 5 Ways It Makes Your Life Easier

Small business management software for fleets really pays dividends. Find out how 5 ways it makes your everyday that little bit easier.
Small business management software gets you going

No matter the size of your business, utilising business management software is a must. Business management software makes operating a profitable, efficient business easier and more sustainable. Even small businesses with just a handful of employees can greatly benefit from business management software — particularly if the business relies on fleet or delivery vehicles to operate. 

This article will explain why small business management software for fleets is essential for SMEs and how it will benefit them. 

1. Reduce Fuel Costs

Small business management software saves you money

Fuel is often one of the highest fleet costs, so it’s important that small business owners reduce their fuel intake whenever possible. Vimcar’s Fleet Geo shows you all the previous trips your fleet vehicles have taken. With this information, you can adjust routes as necessary to shorten drive times and make your fleet more efficient.  

You can also use Driver Style Analysis (DSA) in conjunction with Fleet Geo to track your drivers’ driving behaviours. DSA makes it easy to identify fuel-wasting driving habits like speeding, harsh braking and idling. By correcting these poor driving behaviours, your small business will save money on fuel. 

2. Manage Fleet Costs

Fleet Admin organises your fleet’s data in one place, with customisable dashboards. You’ll receive automatic cost outlier reports, which will save you both time and money. With Fleet Admin, you’ll get unlimited access to your data with free exports to CSV files. You can use this data for internal reports to help track and manage fleet costs. 

3. Improve Customer Service 

Small business fleet management software also has good customer service

Good customer service is important for businesses of all sizes, but it’s particularly crucial to the long-term success of small businesses. Small businesses that make deliveries should definitely be using a small business management software like Fleet Geo to oversee their fleet vehicles. 

Fleet Geo shows you where all of your fleet vehicles are at a glance, making it easier to respond to last-minute calls. The quicker your service, the happier your customers will be! 

Moreover, you can utilise Fleet Geo to provide customers with proof of delivery. Providing proof of delivery not only protects your business, but it also gives customers peace of mind and is an easy way to improve your customer service. 

4. Prevent Vehicle Misuse 

Vehicle misuse or theft could ruin a small business, especially if it’s reliant on fleet vehicles to make deliveries or provide services. Fleet Geo lets you create customisable alerts so you’ll be notified if vehicles are used outside of a certain geographical area or time frame. For example, if a vehicle is used outside of business hours or is driven outside the company car park, you’ll be notified instantly. 

If the worst happens and a vehicle is stolen, you’ll be able to find its location using Fleet Geo’s real time tracking feature. You can give this information to the police and they’ll be able to locate the vehicle from there.  

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5. Avoid Hidden Fees 

Vimcar’s small business management software for fleets has no hidden fees, making it ideal for SMEs looking to cut their costs. All of Vimcar’s hardware is easy to self-install, so you won’t have to take your vehicles off the road for a lengthy installation process. 

Plus, Vimcar offers fleet support at no extra cost to you, as well as flexible pricing. Not all small business management software for fleets come with free customer support, and it’s something we pride ourselves on. 

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The Best Small Business Management Software for Fleets

SMEs looking to streamline their operations and maintain a profitable business should invest in small business management software, such as Fleet Geo or Fleet Admin. 

Vimcar’s software can be used separately or together. By using a fleet management software, you’ll reduce fuel costs, manage fleet costs more easily, improve customer service and prevent vehicle misuse. 

In addition to its own fleet management software, Vimcar has also created a free downloadable guide to the best small business management software on the market. 

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