How Does Fleet Software Improve Fleet Safety?

A simple fleet software can hugely improve the safety of your fleet. Discover how – and why a safe fleet can save you thousands of pounds.
Fleet safety

One of a fleet manager’s most important tasks is the monitoring and managing of both the fleet’s safety and the drivers’ safety. However, this responsibility extends far beyond basic vehicle maintenance. Fleet and driver safety includes protecting vehicles from misuse, poor fleet driving checking that drivers have up to date licenses and so much more.  

It’s difficult to stay on top of fleet and driver safety if you’re reliant on paper forms to track everything. However, fleet management software improves overall fleet safety easily and efficiently. Here’s how: 

1. Prevents vehicle misuse and protects against theft 

Fleet management systems can protect your vehicles from misuse or theft in a number of ways. Systems like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo feature real-time GPS tracking, which shows where all of your vehicles are at any given time. 

Fleet managers can use the fleet management software to set zones where vehicles should not be moved from (such as a company car park). These zones are referred to as geofences. If a vehicle is moved outside of this zone, managers are immediately alerted. Additionally, fleet managers can set timefences, which are time spans when vehicles shouldn’t be moved. 

These measures all make it easier to manage your fleet’s safety and prevent vehicles from being improperly driven or stolen. 

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2. Provides MOT and license check reminders 

Fleet management software automatically reminds you when licenses are close to expiration, when vehicles are due for their yearly MOT test and more. It’s crucial that you follow the reminders given to you by your fleet management software. Not only will this improve your fleet’s safety, but it will also prevent costly fines or accidents in the future. 

By using a fleet management software, fleet managers will no longer have to sift through dozens of paper forms to check when vehicles are due for inspection or licenses should be renewed. All of this is taken care of automatically! 

3. Helps adhere to HGV fleet driving rules

Strict adherence to HGV regulations is key to ensuring fleet safety. These regulations limit the number of hours drivers can be on the road each week and outline how often and how long drivers’ rest periods should be. These laws help ensure safe fleet driving and prevent accidents on the road, including fatigue-related accidents. 

Fleet management software tracks hours, driving speeds and can check a vehicle’s location. The data can then be downloaded as timesheets, making it easy for fleet managers to follow HGV regulations. 

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4. Promotes better fleet driving behaviour

Fleet software doesn’t just show the real-time locations of your vehicles. It also lets you download route histories to assess idling times, among other key data points. A recent study of fleet managers showed that 22% reported lower accident costs while using fleet tracking software. It’s thought that drivers are more aware of their behaviour on the road simply by knowing they are being tracked. 

Better fleet driving behaviour means fewer accidents and less wear and tear on your vehicles over time. 

Why Invest in Fleet Management Software? 

Keeping fleet safety in mind can help prevent vehicle theft and accidents, lower insurance costs and more. Prioritising fleet safety not only benefits your vehicles and fleet driving, but everyone else on the road as well. If you’re thinking about adding a GPS tracker to your vehicles to improve fleet safety be sure to familiarise yourself with the laws and best practices.

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