GPS Tractor Tracking and Preventing Farm Equipment Theft

Farmers and ranchers increasingly suffer from equipment theft year after year. Learn the why and how to keeping your equipment secure and covertly tracked.
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The agriculture industry is one of the most important in the UK. It employs over 4 million people and provides roughly 64% of the food eaten in the country. Simply put, the agriculture industry couldn’t function properly without access to heavy duty farming equipment, like tractors, trailers, balers and harvesters. 

Agricultural equipment of this size is incredibly valuable, so it’s crucial that farmers GPS track tractors and their vehicles to ensure they’re being properly cared for and to prevent any theft attempts. After all, if a piece of equipment has been stolen or isn’t safe to operate, the agricultural operation at hand could be stalled. 

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Farm Equipment Theft in the UK 

Rural crime is at its highest in eight years. In 2019, rural crime alone cost the UK £54 million. This rise in rural crime is being driven by organised criminal gangs targeting high-value tractors and other farm vehicles. It’s suspected that thieves are stealing tractors costing over £50,000 for export to developed countries. Theft of tractor GPS trackers is also a rising concern. 

These numbers showcase the importance of tracking your farm vehicles; investing in a tractor tracker today could save you money in the future. 

Benefits of Using Tractor Trackers 

Tractor GPS trackers can benefit the agricultural industry in a number of ways. Some of the primary benefits include: 

1. Theft Prevention  

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With a GPS tracking system, you can set custom alerts for your farm vehicles and other agricultural equipment. Alerts called geofences will notify you if a piece of equipment is removed from a specified geographic location. Time fences will alert you when a tractor is being used outside of a designated time window. These two types of alerts can be used to stop a theft attempt as it’s happening. 

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2. Vehicle Recovery 

If a vehicle or piece of farming equipment is stolen, you can utilise the tractor tracker to pinpoint its location in real-time. With this information, the police can quickly and efficiently locate the stolen piece of equipment. This is an invaluable benefit of farm equipment GPS trackers, as it saves you from having to file insurance claims and means you won’t have to invest in a costly new piece of equipment. 

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3. Vehicle Maintenance 

Tractor GPS trackers automatically log the miles of each piece of equipment. With this data, you can plan routine maintenance checks accordingly. Having to bench a vehicle unexpectedly can stall an entire farming operation and cost you money, so staying on top of maintenance checks is vital. 

4. Efficient Labor Distribution 

Another perk of using real-time tractor GPS trackers is that the location of all of your vehicles can be viewed at once. Thus, fewer supervisors need to be employed on site to take stock of the vehicles. This will save you money on labor costs while providing you with peace of mind as to the whereabouts of your agricultural equipment. 

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5. Simple Self-Installation 

Some farm equipment trackers require professional installation, which takes your vehicles out of commision and costs you money. The Vimcar Box can easily be installed yourself onto the battery of your vehicle. It’s fitted with an adhesive surface for stable mounting and is suitable for vehicles without an OBD interface, like tractors, harvesters, or ATVs. Because the Vimcar Box is installed onto the vehicle’s battery, it’s more difficult for thieves to locate and remove, which provides you with added security. 

Which GPS Tractor Tracker Is Best? 

With rural crime on the rise, it’s more important than ever to track your farming equipment. Tractor trackers can help prevent theft, locate vehicles, stay on top of routine maintenance checks and reduce labor costs. 

If you want to add an extra layer of security to your valuable pieces of agricultural equipment, Vimcar has you covered. Contact our team of customer service representatives to learn more about the Vimcar Box and how it will benefit your agricultural enterprise. 

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