Trackers On Vans – Explained

What are trackers on vans, and why are they becoming an integral business tool? Find out exactly how van trackers will benefit your business.
Tracker for vans

Investing in a good tracker on van fleet can help you:

  1. Keep track of your vehicles and products
  2. Monitor your employees
  3. Ensuring timely delivery of goods and services
  4. Manage several business operations and effectively plan your drivers’ duties

Read on for more information about trackers on vans and GPS vehicle tracking, including how they work and why you should consider getting them for your fleet.

Why Are Trackers on Vans Useful for Companies?

It’s no secret that savvy organizations worldwide seek out different methods to improve productivity and save money. Different companies apply various strategies, but if you rely on vehicles to supply goods and services, there’s one perfect approach that you should consider – a tracker on a van.

So, what are some of the benefits of putting a tracker on a van?

1. Helps to Reduce Fuel Consumption

If your company vehicles consume a lot of fuel daily, it’s best to install a vehicle tracking system. Although you can’t control gas prices, one of the advantages of van trackers is the ability to observe your car’s fuel consumption. The tracking solution will significantly help you cut on fuel expenses by managing:

  • Driver speeding
  • Vehicle idling
  • Unauthorized usage

In the same context, a tracker on a van enables you to optimize driving routes and receive notifications every time your driver breaks the rules of the business.

An employee using a GPS Fleet Tracker on a desktop computer

Get a Beginners Guide to Trackers on Vans in 2021

Trackers on vans will help you to better maintain your vehicles.

2. Improved Vehicle Maintenance

You can plug van trackers into vehicle analytics to keep precise records of company vehicle usage. That way, you’ll have an easy time following maintenance schedules.

Aside from prolonging the useful lifespan of your vehicles, improved maintenance helps prevent delays that may occur when the car breaks down.

3. Theft Recovery

In case of vehicle theft, a tracker on van is the best device for any company. Be notified immediately with alerts and mapping data to know whether your car has been stolen and then inform the relevant authorities of its whereabouts to enable swift recovery.

4. Trackers for Vans Prevent Vehicle Misuse

Tracker for vans use geofencing and time fencing to prevent vehicle misuse.


Geofencing is a feature on van trackers that allows fleet managers to set digital boundaries around any area of choice to restrict their vehicles’ movement. When someone drives your van outside the boundaries you’ve placed, tracker for vans will notify you immediately.

Delivery companies can use geofencing to prevent their drivers from taking company vans outside their approved routes. Once you assign a route to a driver, you can use your van tracker to set geofences around the route. The van tracker will alert you if the driver uses your vehicle on unapproved roads.


Timefencing involves setting digital barriers across selected time zones. Your driver may decide to use your van after working hours. Timefencing allows you to monitor the usage of all your vans even when you are not physically present at the company. When you activate the time fencing feature, tracker for vans will alert you if your driver uses your vehicle after work ends for the day.

5. Prevent Costly, Inefficient Driving

Here are ways tracker for vans can help you prevent inefficient, expensive driving habits:

Preventing costly driving with trackers for vans
  1. They help drivers identify their bad driving habits: Tracker for vans have driver analysis software, which evaluates a driver’s driving behaviour using factors like idling, speed, and phone usage. At the end of every trip, the van tracker gives the driver a score and delivers the driver analytics report to its mobile app. Drivers can use this data to determine their driving errors and work on improving them.
  2. They aid fleet managers in improving the efficiency of their drivers: If you run a fleet, tracker for vans will deliver the analytics of the individual driving styles of all your drivers. Fleet managers can identify the bad driving habits of each employee and help them correct such behaviour.
  3. They reduce overspeeding: Overspeeding is one of the bad driving habits that lead to fuel wastage. By monitoring and evaluating your speed level during a driving session, the driver analysis software helps you regulate your speed on subsequent trips. When you start driving your vehicle at a decent speed rate, your van will use less fuel.

6. Tracker for Vans Cut Down on Insurance Premiums?

One of the factors that determine the insurance cost of your van is your driving record. Typically, a driving record without accidents or traffic violations may attract a decrease in your vehicle insurance premium. Tracker for vans come with driver analysis software, which evaluates a user’s driving behaviour. Drivers who study these analytics can identify their driving errors and correct them. Over time, these drivers may adopt good driving habits, such as safe driving.

Usually, people who drive safely are less likely to get into accidents or violate traffic laws. Most vehicle insurance companies offer car insurance at low prices to drivers with such excellent driving records.

There are certain cases when motor accidents are unavoidable. For instance, you may get into an accident caused by another driver. The at-fault driver’s insurance company will probably cover the majority of the repair and treatment costs incurred. So, you may only need to make minimal insurance claims to your insurer. Just as with driving records, drivers who have few insurance claims tend to pay cheap auto insurance premiums.

7. Trackera for Vans Improve Customer Service?

Business partners discussing trackers for vans

Here are ways tracker for vans can help your business deliver improved customer service:

It helps businesses provide accurate delivery or pickup time to customers

Tracker for vans can help delivery companies and transport companies discover where their drivers are at a particular time. These companies can use the data from the tracker for vans to determine when the van will reach the customer’s location. Then, they can inform the customer about the time the driver will get to their location. This is helpful to customers because it reduces the time spent idling on the road while waiting for the pickup or delivery driver to arrive.

It aids businesses in improving the efficiency of their fleet

Tracker for vans record the routes for each vehicle. By studying the route history from your tracker for vans, you can determine how frequently a fleet van is used and create a regular maintenance routine. Regular maintenance of your van can prevent the vehicle from breaking down during a delivery.

It allows companies to accept last-minute jobs

Sometimes, your customer may request an urgent service. Instead of sending a driver from the office, you can use the tracker to find fleet vehicles near the customer’s location. You can then assign the last-minute job to the drivers of such vans.

8. How Do Tracker for Vans Improve Operational Overview?

Businessmen using trackers for vans for a better operational overview

Here are ways tracker for vans can improve operational overview of fleets:

  1. You can coordinate your trips: Some customers may require your services when all your vans are out of the office. Chances are these customers may be on the same route with your fleet vans. Without van trackers, your drivers may have to make multiple trips from the office to customers within the same area. A tracker for vans lets you view the fleet vans that are near the new customer’s location so that you can assign the latest task to them.
  2. You know the vans that are available for use: If your company has a large fleet, it may be difficult to keep track of them. A van tracker lets you view the vehicles parked in your office and those that are running.

Vimcar’s Trackers for Vans

Vimcar offers the market’s most accurate and easiest to use trackers for vans. Other benefits include:

  • You own Support Agent, available every business day of the week
  • A virtual tour of our trackers for vans when you set up
  • Free, self-installation in minutes
  • No hidden costs
  • Flexible pricing, starting from just ₤ 1.90

How Do Trackers on Vans Help With the Logistics of a Business?

Generally, logistics is the transportation of products and services from one point to another in a structured manner. The logistics portfolio involves the entire process of ordering, paying, dispatching, and receiving goods and services required.

Van trackers will improve your logistics.

Logistics is instrumental in various industries ranging from food and clothing to oil and machinery. Here, delivering goods and services safely and to the satisfaction of your clients is paramount. That’s where vehicle tracking comes in.

The pivotal role played by trackers on vans in the logistics business is immeasurable. This tracking software is more than just a tool that helps drivers move from one place to another. Simply put, vehicle tracking has brought a significant change to the logistics industry, assisting managers in running their businesses profitably while successfully meeting customer requirements.

Some of the ways a tracker can help with the logistics of your business include:

Fleet Management

When your business runs through a fleet of cars, it’s imperative to have the information regarding their location at any given time. Luckily, you can access all these details from a vehicle tracking system. Besides, you can monitor routes traveled and detect resting times, engine start-up, and shut down.

Fleet management offers better management of company vehicles. With the right van tracker, you’ll be able to make informed and better decisions based on the location of your vehicles.

On-Road Safety

If you’re running a logistics business, you clearly understand that drivers are the backbone of your business. So, it’d help if you made their well-being and safety a top priority. The good thing about van trackers is that they offer two-way communication and panic buttons which your drivers can use during an emergency.

Trackers on vans will stop your drivers speeding.

Because of constant tracking, your drivers will refrain from rash driving and over-speeding. Door sensors are installed in your vans, and the tracking system sends alerts in case someone tampers with them.

That way, you can rest easy knowing that the goods are secure and on schedule for safe delivery at their destination. And in case of theft, the tracking device helps in finding the stolen vehicle.

Drive Efficiency through Trackers on Vans Today!

Trackers on Vans come with the benefits of flexibility and convenience and can transform your logistics company into a highly successful business. Here at Vimcar, we can help you enhance the safety and security of your van fleet by providing reliable and affordable GPS van trackers. Contact us today and benefit from increased productivity, controlled costs, and improved workflow.

What Are Trackers on Vans and How Do They Work?

A satellite powering trackers for vans

A van tracker is a small telematics device installed into your van to enable you to actively monitor how your employees handle company vehicles. The main functionality of van trackers lies in the use of the GNSS network. This Global Navigation Satellite System network emits microwave signals and sends them to various GPS devices.

Once the GPS receiver calculates the vehicle’s location, it transfers this data to the onboard tracking system. It also broadcasts other information related to the van, such as speed and direction. You can then view your vehicle’s location from a digital map.

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