Fleet Tracking Can Assist With Driver Fatigue Monitoring

With tired drivers causing a huge safety hazard, driver fatigue monitoring is more important than ever. Find out how fleet tracking helps.
Driver fatigue monitoring is offered by Vimcar

Fleet driving comes with inherent risk. And as a fleet manager, ensuring your drivers are fit to work is top of mind.

Driver fatigue is a huge problem, particularly during this UK driver shortage where shifts may be longer than usual. You may be surprised to learn that driver fatigue causes 20% of all accidents, higher than drug-driving! And with 1 in 8 drivers admitting to falling asleep at the wheel, the problem is rampant.

This article will discuss driver fatigue monitoring, today’s most effective tool to prevent tired driving.

What Are The Risks Of Driver Fatigue?

You should integrate driver fatigue monitoring into your operations

Driver fatigue causes serious cognitive impairment. Tiredness impacts reaction time, attention, judgment, and coordination. Fleet drivers are particularly prone to fatigue due to their long hours spent on the road.

Tired Driving Is As Dangerous As Drunk Driving

And because sleeping drivers don’t brake, fatigue accidents tend to be particularly dangerous and occur at high speeds. 

If a fatigue-related accident results in death, the driver at fault faces a maximum prison sentence of 14 years.

Company Liability

As the employer, you have a duty to prevent driver fatigue. This includes following HGV guidelines and creating optimal working conditions. Failure to do so comes at a high price, as you can be held liable for damages incurred. This could be financially devastating, not to mention damage your company’s reputation.

  • Because fleet driving requires sustained concentration, driver fatigue monitoring is an essential part of fleet management.

Tracking Software For Driver Fatigue Monitoring

Don’t be fooled: tracking software is not meant to be a surveillance device. In fact, it’s a fantastic tool for overseeing driver hours and routes.

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo and Driving Style Analysis help you combat driver fatigue in these ways:

Fleet Geo

Driver route tracking made easy!  With Fleet Geo you can check how long drivers have been on the road without stopping, and their overall mileage breakdown.

Take the guesswork out of calculating driver hours, and have it automatically tracked for you.

Browse the live vehicle tracking costs of Fleet Geo now.

Driving Style Analysis

DSA improves your driver fatigue monitoring

Driving Style Analysis (DSA) tracks drivers’ speed, acceleration, braking, and mobile phone use. If you notice your staff is driving more recklessly, you can advise them to take a break. Plus, DSA gives you regular safety scores so you can identify problematic driving and prevent accidents. 

  • Driver monitoring helps you identify fatigued driving and prevent accidents in the moment. 

Privacy is a huge concern, of course. DSA tracks vehicles, not the driver. And with Vimcar’s privacy mode, drivers using pool cars can turn tracking off for personal journeys.

→ Car Tracking Isn’t About Spying on Drivers- It’s About Keeping All Road Users Safe

Full Oversight For A Safer Fleet

Preventing fatigued driving is key to protecting your fleet and other road users. Ultimately, your drivers’ actions behind the wheel reflect on your business. And with great tools like driver fatigue monitoring on your side, you have more power than you think to prevent tired driving.

  • Live GPS tracking doesn’t just prevent accidents- it also reduces petrol costs, insurance premiums, and vehicle maintenance.

To learn more about how Vimcar can help you put a stop to fatigued driving, contact us today.

P.S. For tips on tactfully introducing commercial driver fatigue monitoring to your staff, check out our blog post!

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