7 Reasons Why Fleet Managers Love Vimcar’s Tracking System

There are many reasons why Vimcar is Germany’s #1 Tracking System. Here are just 7 reasons why fleet managers love our Tracking System!
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A market leader in Germany, Vimcar is excited to bring UK customers the fleet management software they need. Vimcar’s Fleet Geo tracking system is designed specifically for the needs of SMEs. Fleet Geo has a simple plug-and-play installation, is incredibly easy to use, and has an accompanying app that lets you manage your fleet remotely. So even if your company doesn’t have a dedicated fleet manager, you’ll still be able to oversee your fleet with ease. 

Not sure if Fleet Geo is the right fleet tracking system for your company? Don’t take our word for it! Here are some of the top reasons why fleet managers love our product. 

1. Saves Time

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Since installing Vimcar’s software, Hans-Joachim Mannhold, fleet manager of the Berlin based Maior Domus says he now spends a mere 10 to 15 minutes on fleet management per day. “The Vimcar system is unbeatable,” he says. Up until now, his company had relied on handwritten vehicle documentation and log books. In addition to deciphering sloppy handwriting, much of his time was dedicated to collecting and double checking all the data. Now with Vimcar’s easy-to-use fleet tracking system, Mannhold can download the necessary data about his fleet directly to his PC or smartphone, thus saving him time and more than a few headaches. 

2. Helps Optimise Routes

As a fleet manager and CEO one of Daniel Pfeifenberger’s favorite aspects of Fleet Geo is its route history function. Pfeifenberger is the founder of Bienenlieb, an Austrian company whose core focus is helping to preserve the bees. For him, sustainable business practices are of critical importance. By utilising the Fleet Geo route history function, Pfeifenberger is able to see where each of his vehicles have driven and can make adjustments to the routes so that driving times are reduced whenever possible moving forward. “We can use the real-time tracking and route documentation every day to optimise our processes and react faster when deployed,” says Pfeifenberger. 

Take a look at exactly what Bienenlieb has to say in this video – make sure to turn on the English subtitles!

3. Has Great Customer Service 

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The vehicle fleet manager Till KĂĽken, of Grenzläufer e.V., a child and youth welfare center in Berlin, says Vimcar’s customer service is “…really great. You can reach someone quickly and get a call back promptly.” Vimcar’s customer service team knows the software and hardware inside and out and is known for its quality of service. KĂĽken says Vimcar is now an integral part of the fleet. “As soon as we get a new vehicle, it is immediately equipped with the Vimcar hardware.” 

See what our customers have to say about saving time, money and hassle with Vimcar.

4. It’s a Tracking System That’s Simple to Install 

With a fleet consisting of two buses, two electric ZOE cars, and an electric bike, it was important to Daniel Pfeifenberger of Bienelieb that they use a fleet tracking system that is compatible with all of their vehicles. And that is exactly what they got. Vimcar’s system is compatible with every vehicle in Bienelieb’s fleet — yes, even the electric bike! Plus, the hardware that comes with Fleet Geo is cable-free and requires only a few minutes to install, meaning you can do everything yourself. The flexibility and usability of Vimcar’s software as a whole was one of the primary reasons Pfeifenberger decided to invest in it. 

Choosing the right fleet management software doesn’t have to be difficult. With 90,000 vehicles on the road and counting, Vimcar has a deep understanding of market needs. If you’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-use fleet tracking software, Fleet Geo is what you’ve been waiting for. 

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5. It’s a Tracking System with Flexible pricing

Our flexible pricing plans, which are designed to meet their particular needs without unnecessary costs or wasted capacity. In this day and age, cumbersome ‘one size fits all’ pricing plans simply don’t work for nimble, cost-conscious businesses. We understand this, and we have worked hard to create some of the most flexible and responsive pricing plans in the industry – prices that reflect the quality of our fleet management software, but with a highly competitive edge.

The prices of a tracking System

Choose from our 24 Month Service Plan at just ÂŁ7.90 a month per vehicle, or our 12 month service plan at just ÂŁ9.90 a month, per vehicle. You can also opt for the most flexible option of all, a rolling Monthly Service Plan at only ÂŁ11.90 a month, per vehicle.

With van theft costing businesses an average of ÂŁ16,000 every year, our fleet management tracking system offers peace of mind and a robust solution to your fleet management security. What’s more, we don’t add any hidden costs to our service as many other companies do – you simply pay for your plan on a per vehicle basis. Don’t forget the cost savings you also accrue through more effective fuel management, better service and route tracking with Vimcar. You can quickly and easily get a sense of your potential savings using our handy online calculator.

6. You Can Test Our Tracking System, Obligation-Free

Our tracking system can also be tested, completely risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee with Vimcar. This means that customers can give our tried and trusted tracking system a go with total peace of mind. If something doesn’t work or go to plan, the system can be returned and there will be no cost or obligation.

The special offer of Vimcar's tracking system

Even better, we are also pleased to offer free replacement of our hardware if it is lost or stolen from fleet vehicles. This isn’t for a limited period of time either – our free hardware replacement offer lasts for as long as the tracking system is service is being used by the customer.

Naturally, our customer services team are also on hand if you have a query about your Vimcar tracking system so that you can get the most from your trial, with rapid, easy set-up for immediate use.

7. The Most Accurate Fleet Data Available

We invest heavily in our systems and technology, and our GPS fleet tracker is the most accurate on the market. What’s more, we constantly monitor, test and evolve our systems so that they remain at the cutting edge of fleet performance. Don’t risk investing in a system which doesn’t use the finest, most accurate precision data or technological features on the market. For a competitive, successful business, you need the best fleet tracking system that you can buy. You’ll find it with Vimcar!

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