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Vimcar CEO and founder, Andreas Schneider

Vimcar Resources aims to give its readers all the essential tools they need to make managing a fleet easier, more efficient and forward-thinking. From keeping you up to date with the latest news and products to giving you the right information, Vimcar Resources will ensure you can keep your fleet running smoothly.

Who is Vimcar?

Vimcar has been pushing to revolutionise the fleet management industry since 2013. It does this by designing fleet products that are straight-foward and easy to use – helping businesses cut costs, increase productivity and better serve their end customers.

OBD Dongle Vimcar

We have established ourselves as the leading fleet management software in Germany, with more than 90,000 vehicles having installed our award-winning software. Companies like Allianz, Zalando and Hertha BSC all run with Vimcar technology.

Fleet Geo in Britain 

After succeeding in helping thousands of businesses in Germany, Vimcar wanted to make their services available in the UK. With the particular aim of assisting SMEs with their accuracy and reliability, Vimcar is already working with British businesses.

We look forward to evolving and adapting our products and services to the needs of the British customer. Likewise with Vimcar Resources, we will update and expand our content to ensure it is in line with your input and needs. 

See what our customers have to say about saving time, money and hassle with Vimcar.

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