Ecommerce SMEs and Delivery: Survey Indicates Upward Trend

A 2021 Vimcar survey reveals ecommerce SMEs are investing more into their own delivery drivers in order to deal with supply and shortages.
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Recently, Vimcar surveyed 100 small and medium sized ecommerce businesses across the UK to gain a deeper insight into how these businesses are dealing with delivery models. Respondents were questioned about their delivery services, company vehicles and driver hiring practices.

Here is what the survey uncovered:

Delivery Needs For Ecommerce Businesses:

Vimcar’s research identified a clear trend for businesses regarding product delivery: 

  • Since March 2020 97% of ecommerce businesses have seen an uptick in delivery orders
  • More than two thirds of businesses surveyed, 64%, are now delivering their products with their own fleet
  • In order to keep up with consumer needs, 1 in 5 businesses have hired between 5 and 10 new drivers

The shopping patterns and mobility of consumers have adjusted to the circumstances of 2020. Many businesses across the ecommerce sector have been affected by this trend and are evolving along with consumers.

However, with these demands comes challenges. Not all Covid restrictions have yet been lifted and the UK still faces supply chain issues and a continuing driver shortage. 

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Dealing With A Lack Of Drivers

On a positive note, 80% of the ecommerce businesses surveyed said they are positive about the coming 12 months now that they have started handling deliveries in-house.

One way in which businesses can support this positive outlook, or combat some of the challenges they are facing is investing in a fleet management system. Strained budgets and lack of drivers are issues with actionable solutions. 

For example, businesses equipped with Vimcar’s Fleet Tracking System have on average saved up to 20% of their fleet costs.

Furthermore, better optimised fleets can do more with less. Carefully planned routes, live vehicle location tracking and driver behaviour analysis all increase the efficiency of day-to-day fleet activities.

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What Can Fleet Tracking Do For Your Business?

An easy-to-install, easy-to-use GPS live tracking system can be the solution your fleet has been waiting for. No more wondering where drivers are or how long it’ll take them to get to the next customer. Say goodbye to the days of recording drivers working hours by hand or dealing with frustrating human errors. 

Fleet management systems bring your business up-to-date with automated mileage tracking, detailed route histories, vehicle theft protection and more. 

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