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We know fleet managers are rarely strapped to a desk. That is why it is essential for your fleet tracking software to have an app that can keep up with the fast paced, on-the-go fleet manager. Learn why Vimcar’s Car Tracking App is the right one for your fleet management needs.
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These days many UK employees work outside of a traditional office setting, and fleet management is no different. When you are on the road or working from home, it can be a challenge to keep tabs on your vehicles. 

Many fleet managers are unaware of mobile apps that can make it easy to manage their fleet on the go. You can do more than you think from your mobile: dispatch, monitor vehicle activity, and even prevent theft and misuse!

Vimcar’s vehicle tracking app allows you to have improved oversight of your fleet at your fingertips – wherever your office is that day.

Why Use a Car Tracker App to Manage Your Fleet?

Vimcar’s mobile app offers you time and money-saving solutions with its game-changing features: geofencing and timefencing.

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Geofences are virtual barriers you set around an area of your choosing. 

→ Timefences are virtual barriers that establish normal hours of vehicle use. 

You can customise these barriers for each individual vehicle, so you get the exact solutions for your fleet.

How Can Geofencing and Timefencing Help Me Manage My Fleet?

1. Prevent Theft

Geofences and timefences keep your fleet secure by notifying you of suspicious activity. Set a geofence around your company car park, and timefence indicating your working hours.

  • If your vehicle leaves the car park past working hours, you receive an instant push notification from your car tracker app. From there, you can determine what further action is needed. 

And because your vehicles are continuously tracked, you can notify police of the stolen vehicle’s location and find it— before it’s too late.

Discover: Vimcar’s Fleet App

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2. Monitor Arrival and Departure of Vehicles  

Geofencing is a great tool to streamline cargo reloading, so your drivers can make more deliveries and improve customer service. 

  • Vimcar’s vehicle tracking app indicates when vehicles are back in range and ready for reloading. Simply set a geofence around your desired area, and your team knows to prepare.

Not only that, but you can use geofencing to manage customer appointments:

  • When the app notifies you that the vehicle is within the customer’s range, you know to confirm delivery with the customer.
  • Vehicle tracking apps automatically record driver’s locations and stops, so you can demonstrate proof of attempted delivery, even if clients don’t show up.

3. Prevent Vehicle Misuse 

Employees misusing company vehicles for personal use is unfortunately common, but car tracker apps with geofencing offer solutions that work. Your geofence keeps you in the loop, with accurate route history data to back it up.

Vimcar’s mobile app notifications allow you to investigate vehicle misuse immediately.

Manage Your Fleet on the Go with a Vehicle Tracking App

The perk of vehicle tracking apps is that you don’t need to be in your office to effectively manage your fleet.  Whether you are working from home or on the go, Vimcar’s Fleet Geo helps you stay on top of your fleet.

Easy Dispatching on the Road:

  • Vimcar’s car tracker app shows you the distance between your driver and customer, so you can provide customers with accurate delivery times.
  • Accurate delivery ETAs mean your customers can prepare to meet the driver, so neither of them has to wait around.

How to Download Vimcar’s Mobile App

Going digital doesn’t have to be complicated. Once your Vimcar account is created, you will receive your login details from our customer service team. From there it’s a breeze to download the app and enter your login information.

Log into your account from your desktop computer first, and add your tracked vehicles to your account. You will then see all of your vehicles in Vimcar’s vehicle tracking app. Now you are ready to start managing your fleet!

Not a tech whizz? Don’t sweat it. Vimcar’s mobile app is user-friendly and intuitive, so anyone can master it. Still not convinced? Call your Vimcar representative for over-the-phone assistance.

How Do I Use Vimcar’s App?

On the main screen, you’ll see a map showing all of your vehicles’ locations. At the bottom you’ll see a tab listing your vehicles, their model, and if they are currently tracking or not.

In the tab at the top left, under “About Us”, you’ll find one-click access to Vimcar’s mobile website. This includes the glossary, support page, and other helpful resources.

To dispatch, enter your customer’s address into the search bar at the top. At a glance, you can see which drivers are on the road and nearby.

Vimcar’s mobile app remembers your address searches, so you can instantly access your frequently searched locations. 

woman using car tracker app on phone

Push Notifications

Many businesses do not have the luxury of a full-time fleet manager. With push notifications, you can trust that the software will notify you of problems, giving you the freedom to focus your time elsewhere.

  • Make sure you adjust your notification settings to receive incoming alerts from your geofences and timefences.
  • Spam-free zone: Vimcar only sends you the push notifications you want. No more annoying alerts! 

Car Tracker App That Works For You

Vimcar’s mobile app is designed with the user in mind. Wherever you are, Fleet Geo helps you dispatch easily, prevent theft and misuse, and monitor vehicle activity. 

Once you go digital, you’ll wonder how you managed without it. And with the market’s most accurate GPS data, you have peace of mind knowing that Vimcar has your back. 

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