Use Fleet Management Data to Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Fleet management data from a UK GPS tracker is essential in making you sustainable. Find out exactly how by reading on.
UK GPS Tracker makes you sustainable

It’s hard to ignore these days: the environmental crisis is making major headlines. Many companies are looking to do their part and reduce their environmental impact. And actually, there is a lot that fleet managers can do to run their fleets more sustainably. But it’s not just about the environment—operating a sustainable fleet also saves you money and boosts your company image.

So how can you take meaningful action and go green with your fleet? This article will show you how a UK GPS tracker can help you meet your fleet sustainability goals.

Go Green With UK GPS Trackers 

Fleet management software provides you with valuable insight into the inner workings of your fleet. This data helps you identify where key improvements can be made while helping you manage fleet finances at the same time.

→ Your UK GPS Tracker Data Can Be Used To Reduce Your Fleet’s Carbon Footprint In A Number Of Ways

Here’s how:

Tackle Air Pollution

Idling Monitoring

UK GPS tracker will help you reduce air pollution

Idling is very harmful to air quality, releasing up to twice as many emissions as a moving vehicle. But old habits die hard, and it’s difficult to influence your drivers’ actions behind the wheel. But Vimcar has a solution for that:  Driving Style Analysis automates this process for you!

Driving Style Analysis records idling time, so you can easily spot excessive idling and set limits.

Armed with data, you can shift your fleet’s driving culture and develop eco-friendly habits.

Avoid Clean Air Zones

Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are high-traffic regions where government action is taken to curtail air pollution. Driving in these areas incurs steep fees and contributes to poor air quality.

  • With Vimcar’s Fleet Geo, abiding by CAZ regulations is simple. Through route optimisation you can efficiently plan your routes to avoid these zones. And with geofencing, you receive an instant notification when you near a CAZ.

Reduce Fossil Fuels

Fuel-Efficient Driving

A UK GPS tracker makes you more fuel efficient

Your drivers’ actions have a significant impact on petrol consumption. Speeding, abrupt acceleration, and hard braking all reduce your fuel economy. But with the data from your UK GPS tracker, you have all the information you need to teach more fuel-efficient driving.

Vimcar’s Trackers Let You Save The Environment And Save On Petrol At The Same Time

Driving Style Analysis tracks speeding, acceleration, idling, and even cell phone use. You’re given a score on each motorist’s driving efficiency and can easily share that data. With this full overview, you can promote more fuel-efficient driving with real data to track drivers’ progress over time.

Plus, driver monitoring prevents accidents and reduces your insurance costs!

Keep Up With Vehicle Maintenance

Maintaining proper tyre pressure and upkeeping your vehicles is an important part of driving efficiency. With Vimcar’s Fleet Admin, you can set automatic notifications for vehicle maintenance deadlines and tyre pressure checks. Digitisation means you can relax and let the software do the work for you. Going green has never been so effortless!

Cut Back on Mileage

  • The average fleet reports a decrease in total mileage of 10% after installing UK GPS trackers, adding up to a big drop in petrol and vehicle emissions.

The comprehensive fleet overview that fleet trackers provide lets you analyse your routes and find the most efficient path. Decrease your CO2 emissions, reduce vehicle maintenance and petrol, and save on insurance all at once.

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Save Resources With Car Sharing

Vehicles take a tremendous amount of resources and raw materials to produce and deliver. By having fewer vans and maximising each one, you not only save money, but you reduce your carbon footprint.

  • UK GPS trackers simplify car sharing by letting you see your vehicles’ locations in real-time. 

Use your company vehicles for both personal and corporate routes? Don’t sweat it: for non-business journeys, simply turn on Privacy Mode to stop tracking.

Adopt a Green Fleet Policy

Creating a green fleet policy is a great way to hold your team accountable. The benefit of using a UK GPS tracker is you can measure your progress and compliance over time. 

→ Data Is A Powerful Tool To Demonstrate Your Commitment To Sustainability: The Numbers Don’t Lie!


With fleet management software, going green is easier than you think. Ultimately drivers play an important role in fuel economy, and your UK GPS tracker is the best way to build fuel-efficient driving habits. And with route optimisation, you’ll save the planet while saving on petrol, taxes, and insurance.

Recycling oil and batteries, and transitioning to electric vehicles are other important steps you can take. And don’t forget, if you switch to electric vehicles, you can simply switch your Vimcar tracker to your new vehicles at no extra cost!

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