Accident Management Solutions For Fleet Managers

Accident management solutions aren’t a bonus for your company – they are essential. Find out which tools you need to keep your drivers safe.
Accident management solutions for your business

Accident management solutions are a topic that fleet managers should care about. Unfortunately, traffic accidents are more normal than commonly perceived. In the UK in 2020 alone, there were around 115,000 casualties from road accidents, with around 1,500 fatalities.

Therefore, fleet managers must prioritise driver safety within their fleet management.

This is because sending out a team of fleet drivers can be dangerous. To prevent accidents, a good accident management approach based on preventative maintenance, driver analysis and fleet information should be taken to uphold driver safety. 

Luckily, there are modern and specifically designed accident management solutions to assist you. Read on to find out what features they use as well as other benefits they bring to your business.

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Accident Management Solutions: Reliability With Specialised Features

Accident management doesn’t have to be a strenuous exercise. The form of manually writing down notes with pen and paper, or manually using excel spreadsheets isn’t only time-consuming, but also unreliable. This risks of this include:

  • Inaccurate findings based on memory
  • Loose pieces of paper/spreadsheets going missing
  • A lack of transparency and accessibility among the team

As a result, your accident management can suffer. It is extremely important to record all information and details with pinpoint accuracy, rather than using guesswork as part of your accident management strategy. 

Luckily, Vimcar’s solutions easily slot into your business as accident management solutions. They make use of innovative, high-tech and easy-to-use features to uphold driver safety and save you money.

Fleet Admin by Vimcar: Automated Administration

Fleet Admin is a form of accident management

Fleet Admin by Vimcar is a specialised solution to take care of your administrative tasks. It also acts as one of the market-leading accident management solutions in the UK. This is because good preventative maintenance is one of the key factors to avoiding accidents. In short, it helps keep your vehicles roadworthy, reducing vehicle faults and breakdowns.

Effective accident management solutions, such as Fleet Admin, record vehicle information with pinpoint accuracy and automate your workflows. This includes storing vehicle information readings, fuel efficiency readings as well as mileage updates in a centralised database. 

Moreover, preventative maintenance concerns data recording and administrative work. Fleet Admin not only stores this information, but you can also set reminders and create invoices for external repairs.

This is important as preventative maintenance for your vehicles is made up of a series of many small checks and procedures. 

Fleet Admin also sends you MOT reminders for each of your vehicles. Not only do MOT checks make sure your vehicles are roadworthy, but they are also mandatory for all vehicles in the UK. With Fleet Admin, you can make sure to never miss an MOT check again. 

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Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis (DSA): Control Accident-Prone Driving

Drive safe with accident management solutions

A study that recorded over 4 million driving hours concluded that driving behaviour was in fact the number one driver risk in the UK.

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Luckily, Vimcar also offers fleet managers a solution to discourage dangerous driving habits. Driving Style Analysis is one of Vimcar’s accident management solutions.

It works by accurately recording driving data while installed into each fleet vehicle via dongle or battery-fitted box. Once recorded, the information is sent straight to the fleet manager via the Vimcar app, which the fleet manager can view via mobile, tablet or desktop. It records:

  • Driver speed
  • Braking data 
  • Vehicle acceleration 
  • Vehicle idling
  • Mobile phone usage 

The more your fleet drivers engage in these dangerous driving habits, the more likely it is they’ll encounter an accident. Therefore, you can discourage these habits early on by installing Driving Style Analysis (DSA)

By installing this, your fleet drivers will know that their driving behaviour is tracked by the fleet manager. As a result, they are less likely to engage in such habits and are less likely to get into traffic accidents.

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Fleet Geo: Accurately Track Vehicle Data and Location

Fleet Geo keeps your driver safe with good accident management

Another one of Vimcar’s accident management solutions, Fleet Geo, also plays an integral role in a good accident management approach. Fleet Geo uses high-tech GPS technology to accurately identify where exactly each vehicle is, and which driver is at the wheel.

Fleet Geo also uses specialised features to keep your drivers safe. This includes dynamic route planning. Unlike commonly used consumer route planners, such as Google Maps, Fleet Geo’s dynamic route planning feature includes information about:

  • Areas with poor-quality roads
  • Roadworks
  • Built-up traffic
  • Mandatory rest breaks for HGV drivers

Unfortunately, unexpected accidents can happen. However, you can better equip your drivers with technology that informs them about hazardous areas. 

Accident Management Solutions Save You Money

The biggest priority with accident management solutions is to keep your drivers safe. Moreover, accident management solutions also help save your business a lot of money in the process.

This is because traffic accidents aren’t just dangerous – they can also be expensive.

The more your vehicles get involved in accidents, the higher your insurance premiums become. Broken down or written-off vehicles also usually mean high repair costs and vehicle downtime.

This is downtime that could be used for making your business money. 

Moreover, Vimcar’s accident management solutions result in vehicles that are more roadworthy, safer driving as well as a fleet that is more alert about potentially dangerous conditions. For example, safer driving means that your drivers are less likely to engage in fuel-consuming driving habits, including accelerating quickly and braking harshly. 

As a result, accident management solutions by Vimcar help your fleet save money on fuel. A fleet that operates more roadworthy, efficient vehicles as well as avoiding dangerous areas of road is a fleet that also operates more efficiently.

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Summary: Reliable Accident Management Solutions Over Guesswork

Fleet managers have a lot on their plate, but their accident management approach can easily be taken care of. Vimcar’s industry-leading fleet management solutions are designed to easily slot into any SME that operates fleets.

Not only can you keep your fleet drivers safe and encourage a safe working environment, you can also benefit by saving your business time and money in the process. 

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