How Fleet Administration Can Remind You Of MOT Dates

MOT due reminders are easier to set up and process than you might think. Find out how Vimcar’s Fleet Admin sorts your MOT reminders.
An MOT due reminder should not be missed

The MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is an annual test that all UK vehicles — fleet vehicles or otherwise — must pass in order to be deemed roadworthy. Taking your fleet vehicles to one of the UK’s 21,000 authorised testing centres each year is crucial to maintaining a safe and legal fleet. However, it can be difficult to remember which vehicles are due for their MOT checks, and an MOT due reminder can easily be missed.

The easiest way to keep track of your fleet’s MOT due reminder is by tracking each vehicle’s testing dates with a fleet administration software. A software like Fleet Admin automates reminders to ensure you never miss an MOT due date reminder. 

This article will discuss MOT checks in more detail, including FAQs about MOT due date reminders, how to make sure you never miss an MOT test and how to make sure you pass your MOT. 

FAQs About MOT Checks 

Understanding MOT checks can be confusing, which is why we’ve written an entire guide explaining what MOT checks are and why they matter. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding MOT checks. 

What are the laws on MOT checks? 

Once vehicles are over three years old (four years, in Northern Ireland), they must pass a yearly MOT test. During this hour-long test, all aspects of the vehicle are checked, including brakes, exhaust and fuel system, seatbelts and so on. 

MOT tests must be performed at one of the 21,000 authorised testing centers within the UK. 

When do fleet vehicles need to take an MOT test? 

Fleet vehicles over three years old must pass an MOT test each year. Each vehicle will have a different annual test date since they’ll each have been purchased at separate times. 

What happens if you miss an MOT check? 

If you miss an MOT check — whether on purpose or by accident — you legally may not drive or park your fleet vehicle on the road. There are no grace periods given for this law. 

An MOT due reminder should not be missed

The only exception would be if you’re driving to an authorised testing center to complete a pre-arranged MOT test or if you’re driving the vehicle to or from being repaired per the findings of a previous MOT test. 

Which MOT tests do you have to pass and why? 

No matter the fleet vehicle — be it a taxi, motorcycle, HGV or another type entirely — the MOT test doesn’t have much variation. Certain types of vehicles will require additional inspection if they’re built to transport a larger number of people, come equipped with a sidecar and so on. 

However, you can drive your fleet vehicles to any authorised testing centre and the MOT test for your vehicles will generally be the same. 

Ensuring You Never Miss an MOT Deadline 

Missing an MOT test can have disastrous consequences for your fleet and can severely impact your ability to serve your customers. As such, it’s important that your fleet vehicles never miss an MOT check. 

You can sign up to receive MOT due reminders from the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). Reminders will be sent one to two months prior to a vehicle’s MOT test date via text or email. Although the free DVLA MOT reminders are useful, they quickly become burdensome if you have multiple vehicles in your fleet. 

As such, the easiest and most effective method for tracking your fleet’s MOT due reminders is through a fleet administration software like Fleet Admin. Fleet Admin stores all of your data in one place and you can customise dashboards as you see fit. 

With Fleet Admin, MOT due date reminders are automated so you never miss an MOT test again. 

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Using Driver Tracking Software to Pass Your MOT 

It’s estimated that nearly two in five MOT tests fail the first time. There are many things you can check prior to driving a fleet vehicle to an authorised testing centre to improve its chances of passing. For example, making sure the seatbelts work properly and the fuel and oils are topped off are all recommended. 

The purpose of an MOT due reminder is to remind you of important events

However, cleaning fleet vehicles and performing regular maintenance checks is just one part of the equation. 

To ensure your fleet vehicles pass the annual MOT test, it’s recommended that you utilise driver tracking software like Driver Style Analysis (DSA) to promote more efficient driving practices within your fleet. DSA scores drivers based on factors like speeding, acceleration, idling and phone usage. 

With this information, you can correct poor driving behaviour and subsequently minimise the wear and tear on your fleet vehicles. The better condition your vehicles are in, the more likely they’ll be to pass the annual MOT test. 

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Using Fleet Management Software for MOT Checks 

By law, all vehicles in the UK must pass a yearly MOT test in order to remain on the road. Anyone driving a vehicle with an expired MOT test will be fined and cannot drive again until the vehicle has been tested. 

To make sure you never miss an MOT test in the future, it’s recommended that you use fleet administration software like Fleet Admin to automate MOT reminders. With an automated MOT due date reminder you’ll have one less stress on your plate.

For added peace of mind, you can track drivers using Driver Style Analysis by Vimcar to correct inefficient driving behaviours that may lower the chances of your fleet vehicles passing the MOT test. 

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