Don’t Constantly Compare Fuel Prices: Save Fuel With Fleet Tracking

With fleet tracking, you don’t need to constantly compare fuel prices from different petrol stations. Learn how Vimcar makes you efficient.
No need to compare fuel prices with Vimcar

When it comes to saving fuel for your business vehicles, many instinctively tend to compare fuel prices from different petrol stations. The urge to manually compare fuel prices means that fleet managers are already on the right track. Trends suggest that even a saving of as low as one pence per litre can make a huge difference, considering when multiplied by the number of vehicles within your fleet.

However, fleet managers use up considerable time and resources when they manually compare fuel prices. Moreover, you have far more efficient and time-effective ways of saving fuel at your disposal.

Fleet tracking and driver style analysis (DSA) technologies are specifically designed to save you time and money. Rather than the need to compare fuel prices at different petrol stations, these technologies use specialised features and easy-to-use tech to save you fuel. Read on to find out how and why they work. 

Fleet Tracking and DSA: Do I Need To Manually Compare Fuel Prices? 

If you run a business with a fleet of vehicles, you can easily set up fleet tracking and driver style analysis (DSA) technologies. They are both based on hard data and statistics regarding your fleet and fleet driver activity. 

Vimcar reduces your need to constantly compare fuel prices

Hard vehicle and driver style data gives you a clear and transparent overview of your operations. Fundamentally, it allows you to identify a multitude of fuel-saving areas. How does this work in practice?

The bottom line with fleet tracking is that you can locate each vehicle within your fleet in real-time. It also includes route history, dynamic route planning as well as multi-stop drop-off and pick-up technology.

The bottom line with driver style analysis technology is that you can identify and analyse individual driver habits. By aggregating vehicle data from your OBD interface, you have a clear insight into how exactly your drivers are operating your vehicles. 

Therefore, the simple answer is no: You do not need to manually compare fuel prices at different petrol stations. This is because fleet tracking and driver style analysis (DSA) technologies identify several cost outliers and opportunities to save fuel. 

How Does Fleet Tracking Help You Save Fuel? 

Fleet Geo by Vimcar reduces your need to manually compare fuel prices

Innovative fleet tracking solutions, such as Fleet Geo by Vimcar, help you save fuel in a number of areas. Fleet Geo uses state of the art GPS vehicle tracking technology to let you know where your vehicles are in real-time. 

This promotes trust between the fleet manager and fleet driver, reducing unauthorised vehicle usage. Fundamentally, when your employees know that you are aware of their driving whereabouts at work, they are less likely to use your fleet vehicles to run personal errands. They are also less likely to use your vehicles for their own convenience. 

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As a result, fleet tracking reduces your business mileage and allows your vehicles to be entirely used for business purposes. This means that your vehicles are on the road for fewer hours, meaning you use less fuel. The less fuel used, the less you spend to fuel your fleet vehicles.

What Features Does Fleet Tracking Use?

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo GPS live tracking solutions equips you with specialised features, specifically to help you save time and fuel costs. These include:

  • Live Vehicle Tracking: Know where your vehicles are in real-time
  • Geofencing: Physically set geographic boundaries for your fleet vehicles
  • Timefencing: Physically set time-based restrictions for your fleet vehicles
  • Dynamic Route Planning: Make your business routes more efficient
  • Multi-Drop Route Planning: Optimise your multi-stop journeys
  • Driver Dispatch: Send fuel by sending your nearest driver to the client
  • Route History: Know precisely where your vehicles have been

As a result, these features all contribute to let you identify multiple cost-saving opportunities. In contrast, the need to compare fuel prices from different petrol stations makes up a comparatively small cost-saving identifier, not to mention the fuel needed to reach those petrol stations.

How Does Driver Style Analysis (DSA) Help You Save Fuel?

Poor and inefficient driving behaviour often leads to greater fuel consumption, and ultimately, higher fuel costs. Typical such driving behaviour includes:

  • Speeding habits
  • Hard acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Vehicle idling

Over time and if left unchecked, these habits lead to unnecessarily high fuel costs for your business to cover. 

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DSA means that you save money, rather than having to compare fuel prices

Vimcar’s Driver Style Analysis (DSA) solution is designed to reduce and cut out these habits. It provides you with hard data regarding the driving habits of your individual drivers. It works by retrieving vehicle data from each vehicle’s OBD interface and transmitting them to your mobile, desktop or tablet via the Vimcar app. 

From this, the DSA solution also aggregates each driver’s driving habits with a scoring system. Each driver receives a simple score out of 10 to assess their driving behaviour. This means that not only can you conduct easier and more transparent one-on-ones, but fundamentally, save fuel by reducing identifying inefficient driving habits. These cost your business money. Fundamentally, DSA reduces these unnecessary costs.

Summary: No Need To Constantly Compare Fuel Prices With Vimcar

Vimcar is the industry-leading fleet management hardware and software provider to help your business save money and grow. Vimcar is designed to meet the needs of SMEs that operate fleets. We create and provide easy-to-use fleet management solutions.

Our solutions are specially designed for specific functions to save you money. This includes our Fleet Geo tracking solution to promote business transparency, Fleet Admin to take care of your administrative tasks as well as DSA to improve driver behaviour. 

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