Commercial Vehicle Tracking with Vimcar

What is commercial vehicle tracking, and how do you make sure you get it right? Find out how Vimcar gets you going.
Commercial vehicle tracking - how does it work?

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles is practically impossible without using commercial vehicle tracking software. Commercial vehicles haul heavier loads, often for longer periods of time. As such, fleet managers need to be able to keep tabs on each of their vehicles even when they’re far from the company car park. 

This article will explain what commercial vehicles are, the challenges they face and how investing in commercial vehicle tracking software makes for a more efficient fleet. 

What Are Commercial Vehicles? 

According to HMRC guidelines, a commercial vehicle is a vehicle that weighs at least 3.5 tonnes and that can haul at least one tonne of cargo. Lorries, vans, tractors, pickup trucks, and “car-derived vans” are all types of commercial fleet vehicles. 

In general, commercial vehicles are almost exclusively used for business purposes only. Commercial vehicles are used to transport goods rather than people. If a vehicle is used to transport passengers, it loses its commercial vehicle status. 

The Challenges Commercial Vehicles Face

Commercial fleet vehicles face a unique set of challenges. Unlike other types of fleet vehicles, commercial vehicles are often driven for longer periods of time and more frequently. 

Below is a sampling of the challenges commercial vehicles deal with. 

1. Strict Emission Regulations 

Since the beginning of 2021, cities across the UK have established Clean Air Zones (CAZs) to combat air pollution and reduce vehicle emissions in specified areas. Any high-emission commercial vehicles that drive through a CAZ will be fined for doing so. 

Additionally, fleets can face financial penalties for not complying with UK-wide CO2 emission standards

Commercial vehicle tracking lets you become aware of your emissions.

2. Bad Driving Behaviour 

Bad driving behaviours like harsh braking and speeding are tougher to identify when managing a fleet of commercial vehicles. Bad driving behaviours like these can not only affect a vehicle’s fuel consumption and cost a business money, but they can also put the driver and others on the road at risk. 

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3. Increased Fuel Costs

Commercial vehicles typically run on diesel fuel, which is more expensive than regular petrol. Plus, commercial fleet vehicles are often driven for longer distances and more often. As such, commercial vehicle fleets face increased fuel costs compared to other types of fleet vehicles. 

4. Vehicle Security 

Good commercial vehicle tracking practices cater for several driver rest stops.

Drivers of long-haul commercial vehicles often sleep in the cabs of their vehicles and frequently park far away from the company car park. Fleet managers may struggle to ensure the security of both the commercial vehicle itself and the goods it’s hauling. 

5. Driver Rests 

Unlike other fleet vehicle drivers, anyone driving a commercial HGV is required to take weekly and daily rests. Drivers who do not comply with industry regulations put themselves and others on the road at risk. Moreover, businesses could face penalties if it’s discovered that their drivers are not taking the appropriate number of rests for the specified amount of time. 

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How Vimcar Makes Commercial Vehicle Tracking Easier 

Fleet managers of commercial vehicles will benefit greatly from commercial OBD GPS tracking software like Vimcar’s Fleet Geo. Fleet Geo can save your business time and money in a number of ways. 

  • Fleet Geo is easy to self-install. No trip to the shop required! 
  • Fleet Geo comes with no hidden fees
  • Fleet Geo makes it easier to optimise routes, which can help decrease fuel costs. 
  • Fleet Geo has custom alerts that can be set to notify you of potential theft attempts. 
  • Fleet Geo tracks the live location of each commercial vehicle in your fleet. 
  • Fleet Geo logs the mileage, routes and more of each commercial vehicle and saves it all in one place. 
  • Fleet Geo includes time stamps in its tracking, so you can check that drivers are adhering to industry regulations. 

Commercial Vehicle Tracking for an Efficient Fleet 

Fleet managers of commercial vehicles deal with a unique set of challenges. They must abide by emission regulations, monitor driving behaviour, reduce fuel costs whenever possible, keep vehicles secure and ensure that drivers are taking the appropriate number of rests while on the road. 

Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles is nearly impossible without the help of commercial vehicle tracking software like Fleet Geo.

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