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Vimcar strives to make the lives of businesses easier with its best tracking device. Read on to find out how Vimcar improves your business.
Best tracking device for your business

Running a fleet involves many complex moving pieces. If you’re still conducting administration manually, you are missing out on the game-changing benefits of digital fleet management. But how do fleet tracking products really make a difference?

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo, Driving Style Analysis, and Fleet Admin offer tangible fleet management solutions. This incredible software is user-friendly and self-installed. Not to mention, its affordable pricing plans make it the best tracking device on the market!

Best tracking device helps to eliminate unsafe driving

We know you’ll be amazed at how much more efficiently your fleet operates with our software. Let’s take a closer look at your fleet management before and after Vimcar.

Before: Unsafe Driving

Chances are, you wrestle with unsafe driving in your fleet. With busy schedules, it can be tempting for drivers to speed or check their mobile devices during routes. But speeding endangers everyone, not to mention leads to fines, accidents, and insurance rate hikes. Plus, unsafe driving makes your company appear unprofessional on the road.

After Best Tracking Device: Driver Monitoring!

Armed with the best tracking device on the market, you can nip unsafe driving in the bud. With Driving Style Analysis you can see drivers’ speed, idling, acceleration, braking, and cell phone usage. You’re then given a score on the drivers’ efficiency which you can share with your drivers.

→ Driving Style Analysis Gives You The Tools To Create A Company Culture Of Safety And Accountability

With this software, you can even create cool safety incentives! Have fun with it, and implement a “Safest Driver of the Month” program with a prize for the highest-scoring driver.

  • It’s simple: drivers who know they are being tracked make safer driving choices. 
Rising costs were a thing of the past before best tracking device

Before: Rising Costs

Rising fleet costs are making it tough for businesses to make the margins they used to. Soaring petrol prices, fleet taxes, van maintenance, and insurance rates really cut into your profits.

And if your administration is inefficient, you are wasting valuable company resources. Disorganized paperwork and messy spreadsheets lead to mistakes and money down the drain.

After Best Tracking Device: Comprehensive Cost Control!

Pair Fleet Admin with the best tracking device out there- Fleet Geo- and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to rein in your fleet expenses. 

And with Fleet Admin, your cost administration with a breeze. 

  • Take the guesswork out of cost control with automatic cost discrepancy reports. Our software points out any cost outliers for you, so you can save money effortlessly!

With all of your fleet expenses in one easy place, it’s easy to identify cost-saving opportunities. 

Check out our blog posts to learn more about how our products reduce your tax, insurance, and vehicle theft expenses to lower the running cost of your vans.

Before: Vehicle Misuse

In all likelihood, your drivers are taking vans on personal errands during work hours or driving them after-hours. In fact, vehicle misuse is one of the most common challenges fleet managers face.

Best tracking device gives you fleet tracking options

Vehicle abuse puts your business at risk in so many ways: it drives up petrol, maintenance, theft, and accident costs- the last thing any company needs! However, there is an easy fix.

After Best Tracking Device: Fleet Tracking!

Fleet Geo’s timefencing and geofencing features send you an alert if vehicles are moved from your designated area or driven outside of business hours. And with Driving Style Analysis tracking, you can link each trip to the driver and identify the misuse immediately. 

→ The Presence Of Tracking Software Makes Your Drivers Much Less Likely To Misuse Vehicles In The First Place

Before: Missing Documentation Deadlines

As a fleet manager, you have a lot on your plate. Between insurance renewals, tax deadlines, and driver licence checks– to name just a few- it’s easy to miss deadlines or forget to fill out a form. But poor administration can lead to steep fines and costly mistakes.

After Best Tracking Device: Automated Administration!

With Fleet Admin, you’ll keep on top of administration effortlessly. You can be at ease trusting that the software will alert you to upcoming tasks, freeing up your mental energy for other things.

Plus, Fleet Admin automates your workflow for you, like your digital personal assistant!

Before: Inefficient Deliveries

How many times has this happened:

  1. A client calls to complain that the driver is late. You call the driver, but they can’t pick up as they are busy driving.
  2. Your client, frustrated, goes back to their office and meets with a colleague.
  3. The driver arrives with multiple missed calls from you and no client present to meet them.
  4. The driver sits and waits for the client, wasting precious time and resources.

These inefficient deliveries are costing you resources and damaging your reputation.

After Best Tracking Device: Live Location Tracking!

With Fleet Geo, your deliveries could look like this:

  1. At a glance, view all your tracked vehicles’ locations on a screen in your office.
  2. See one of your drivers is still 6 miles away from an appointment that starts in 1 minute.
  3. Call your client to inform them that the driver is 6 miles away and will be there in 10 minutes.
  4. Your client, happy to be kept in the loop, ensures they’re ready to meet the driver when he arrives. 
  5. The job is completed efficiently, and your driver is able to move on to their next task without delay.

With the best tracking device on the market, you can see all of your vehicles in real-time and finally provide accurate ETAs.

  • Take the hassle out of dispatching, and go digital!

The Best Tracking Device For Your Fleet

By using modern digital solutions, managing your fleet has never been simpler.  Vimcar’s fleet administration software makes it easy to reduce your fleet expenses, eliminate vehicle misuse, improve driver behaviour, and streamline dispatching.

→ Once You Digitise Your Fleet, You Will Wonder How You Ever Managed Without It!

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