How To Lower The Running Cost Of Your Van

Van servicing costs can add up to more than what they should. But how can you reduce them? Find out how and why fleet tracking helps.
Easily reduce van servicing costs

Operating a fleet is one of the highest costs for companies with a mobile workforce. Between insurance, petrol, and maintenance (just to name a few), overhead costs can get out of control fast. Every fleet manager aims to lower their van costs, but where do you begin?

There are modern tools that allow you to reduce van servicing costs without overhauling operations. In fact, Vimcar’s fleet management software can significantly reduce van costs in surprising ways. Let’s take a look at some of the tools at your disposal.

Fleet Digitisation Reduces Petrol, Maintenance, Insurance, Tax, And Security Expenses

Fleet Administration Software

Fleet Administration software like Vimcar’s Fleet Admin lowers van servicing costs in these main ways:

Van Cost Management

Monitor van costs and identify any outliers with Fleet Admin: save time, money, and hassle!

This comprehensive software makes it easy to find cost-saving opportunities.

Avoid Messy Spreadsheets And See Your Fleet Costs In One Place With Automatic Discrepancy Reports

Fleet Admin gives you unlimited access to your data with free exports to CSV files. You can use these for further internal reports or external usage.

How do you reduce van servicing costs?

Task Reminders and Workflow Management

With automated task reminders, you’ll never miss a documentation deadline. 

Digitising means you avoid the hefty fines that come with poorly managed administration.

Plus, Fleet Admin organises your daily workflow for you. Automate your tasks, van cost calculations, and task reminders, so you can spend your mental energy on more important things.

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Mileage Updates

High mileage drives up your van servicing costs. The higher your mileage, the more you pay in petrol, vehicle maintenance and replacements, and accident costs.

Fleet Admin helps you reduce mileage through automated mileage estimates and organisation

Monitor Driver Behaviour

Your Team’s Driving Style Can Have A Big Impact On Fleet Costs

Speeding and inefficient driving drives up petrol, mileage, and accident costs. Saving on petrol doesn’t have to mean upgrading to more fuel efficient vehicles. You can cut back on petrol costs by driving more efficiently.

Van costs as well as van servicing costs can be reduced by acquiring Vimcar

Driving monitoring software like Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis allows you to oversee your drivers’ behaviour. Incentivise them to drive safer and more efficiently with digital accountability!

Digital driver monitoring allows you to lower van servicing costs by reducing:

  • Vehicle wear and tear
  • Fuel consumption
  • Insurance costs
  • Accident rates
  • Overall mileage
  • Environmental impact

Fleet Tracking Software

Fleet vehicle GPS systems like Fleet Geo helps you reduce van costs by 15% on average and fleet-related time by up to 60%.

  • Route optimisation: Analyse your fleet’s routes and identify where improvements can be made. With petrol accounting for 20% of fleet costs overall, these improvements add up fast!
  • Reduce vehicle misuse: Vehicle misuse by commercial drivers is unfortunately quite common. Drivers who know vans are tracked are much less likely to abuse company property. Preventing misuse saves you fuel, liability, and maintenance costs.
  • Prevent theft: Theft costs businesses an average of £16,000 annually. Through geofencing and timefencing, you can stop theft in its tracks and drastically improve your chances of recovering a stolen vehicle.

Lower Van Servicing Costs With Digital Solutions

In challenging economic times, saving money on your van servicing costs is more important than ever. While you cannot control the cost of petrol and other fleet expenses, you can take charge of your administration.

By investing in fleet administration software like Fleet Admin, Driving Style Analysis, and Fleet Geo, you can drastically reduce van costs. Plus, with Vimcar’s affordable and flexible payment packages, you won’t break the bank.

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