How To Reduce Fleet Insurance Cost with Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Fleet insurance costs can add up, but they don’t have to. Learn how to reduce your fleet insurance costs with driver behaviour monitoring.
Reduce your fleet insurance costs with Vimcar

If you’re worried about the cost of installing driver behaviour monitoring software, fret no more. Fleet tracking software actually pays for itself in the long run.  Petrol, vehicle maintenance, taxes, and theft expenses are just a few of the ways you can expect to see savings. In fact, software like Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis can actually reduce your fleet insurance cost. 

A recent report by Ageas found that fleets with telematics have 30% fewer insurance claims on average, with 20% fewer auto crashes involving young drivers. Read on to learn more about how driver behaviour monitoring helps your company save money on auto insurance.

What Is Driver Behaviour Monitoring?

  • Driver behaviour monitoring is using fleet telematics to track key driver safety metrics. That includes speed, acceleration, iIdling, and cell phone use.

Monitoring drivers is a fundamental aspect of managing your fleet that creates accountability and transparency. Plus, it can get you discounted fleet insurance! Here’s how:

Lower Your Fleet Insurance Cost With Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Driver behaviour monitoring lowers your insurance premiums in two key ways:

1. Reduced Accident Costs

A huge fleet insurance costs factor are accidents themselves

It’s pretty simple: drivers who know they are tracked make better driving choices. They are less likely to speed, quickly accelerate, and brake abruptly. As a result, you see fewer overall accident incidences. And when accidents do occur, they tend to be less severe.

Fewer accidents mean you lower your incidental liability costs. Plus, it stops your insurance premiums from creeping up year after year.

2. Discounts on Premiums

→ Insurance Providers Know That Fleets Monitoring Driver Behaviour Report Fewer Accident Costs, So They Pass Those Savings Onto You

Discounts on premiums also reduce your fleet insurance costs.

Many fleet insurance providers offer discounted premiums to fleets with driver behavior monitoring. But it’s not just because of driver accountability:

  • The average fleet reports a decrease in total mileage of 10% after the introduction of fleet management software. 

The lower your mileage, the less likely vans are to break down and get into accidents. 

Plus, vehicles fitted with tracking software are less likely to be stolen. And if the vans are stolen, they are much more likely to be recovered

How to Improve Poor Driving Patterns

Driving Style Analysis is the best way for fleet managers to improve poor driving behaviour. Even without any retraining on your part, tracked drivers are less likely to misuse vehicles or drive recklessly.

Poor driving patterns aren't great for your fleet insurance costs

→ The Numbers Don’t Lie: Data From Driving Style Analysis Incentivises Drivers To Drive Safer

With Driving Style Analysis you get a score on each driver’s efficiency and safety. You can easily identify problematic habits, share the data, and address them with your staff. 

Use data from Driving Style Analysis to incentivise safe driving: offer rewards for “Safest Driver of the Month” and bonuses for achieving high annual scores!

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Reduce Your Fleet Insurance Costs, Hassle-Free

Keeping an eye on your fleet benefits your drivers, your business, and other road users. The bottom line is that driver monitoring software improves your fleet’s safety outcomes. Over time, you will see reductions in your fleet insurance costs- and that’s all without overhauling your fleet’s operations.

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