What Is A Fleet Company?

Fleet companies are there to improve your vehicle tracking needs. Find out how a fleet company benefits you, saving you time and money.
A fleet company can be implemented for your business.

The term “fleet” can cause some confusion – but it doesn’t have to. Famously associated with shipping and aircraft, the term “fleet” also applies to vehicles – and this is where a fleet company comes in.

Fleets themselves involve the sum of a larger amount of vehicles that work together to uphold productivity in some form. Moreover, fleet managers can acquire the services of a fleet company to enhance their operations.

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There is more that fleet managers should know, however. To improve their operations and make their lives easier, fleet managers should be aware of the definition of a fleet company. They should also know what they provide as well as specialised services that tailor to their business needs. 

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This post outlines the overarching definition of a fleet company. It also outlines how you benefit by installing specialised tracking software to manage your fleet, saving your company time and money.

What Is The Definition Of A Fleet Company?

A fleet company comes in handy to save you money.

Fundamentally, a fleet company includes any company that provides fleets or provides fleet management. Fleet companies serve to give a helping hand to companies with fleets by providing services – widescale, or specialised, or both. 

Furthermore, businesses with a fleet of vehicles can acquire the services of a fleet management company. This is very similar, but is rather defined as a company that assists companies with a fleet of vehicles. They do so by tracking individual vehicle performance, ensuring fleet safety and reducing fuel costs.

What Do Good Fleet Companies Provide?

They provide specialised tracking hardware and software. These work in unison to provide fleet managers with an overview of their fleet performance and enhance their business. 

A good fleet company provides their clients with individual pieces of hardware, such as an OBD (onboard diagnostics) Dongle. These are easily installed into the vehicle’s OBD port and set up in a matter of minutes. The video below shows you how exactly you can do so on a step-by-step basis.

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A fleet company,as well as some fleet management companies also provide their clients with specialised tracking software. The fleet manager receives login credentials for an app, which can be downloaded via tablet, mobile or desktop. Alternatively, the fleet manager can log in via web browser. 

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How Does Fleet Tracking Work?

Fleet companies take care of your business.

Fleet tracking is a simple process. The individual vehicle OBD dongles (provided hardware) come together in unison by providing real-time vehicle information to a technological cloud system. This information includes:

The vehicle software displays this information. The fleet manager with login credentials to the user-friendly app can easily analyse the above-mentioned information. Moreover, good fleet management companies ensure that you can easily analyse the information in a visual and digestible way.

Fleet managers can therefore analyse where their vehicles are in real-time. They can analyse how fast they are going, how fast they have gone as well as who is driving which vehicle – all in a matter of seconds. 

How Does A Fleet Company Help Their Clients Save Time, Money and Hassle?

This is the core reason why companies acquire the services of a fleet management company. They make the lives of their clients easier by providing them with a platform for instant vehicle analysis. Fleet managers, therefore, no longer have to second guess when it comes to fuel consumption and vehicle speed.

Save Money On Fuel

Fuel costs are commonly the largest business expense for SMEs that operate a fleet of vehicles. The tracking software provided by a good fleet management company comes equipped with specialised vehicle route planning and multi-stop features. 

This means that the most efficient possible routes are planned and updated in real-time for each vehicle. Routes become more efficient and short. Ultimately, less time on the road means fewer fuel costs. 

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Avoid Speeding Fines

Fines for speeding are an often-overlooked business expense that can drastically add up overtime – not to mention the issues that can arise with your vehicle insurance. By analysing each vehicle’s speed history, however, fleet managers can benefit from a sense of transparency with their fleet drivers.

When fleet drivers know that their vehicle speed is tracked, they are far less likely to overstep speeding limits. This may seem like a simple procedure, but having a fleet in which drivers stick to speed limits pays heavy dividends and avoids potential consequences.

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Conclusion: Trust The Best Fleet Solutions To Keep Your Fleet Moving

Vimcar is an industry-leading fleet company that provides clients with state of the art technology. Vimcar’s Fleet Geo Solution is specifically designed to help SMEs save time, hassle and money. Moreover, the Vimcar package comes with specialised SME customer support. Our team is specially trained to take care of any issues your fleet management practices could run into.

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