Use Vehicle Logistics To Keep Safety A Priority During Driver And Supply Shortages

Vehicle logistics hold the key in keeping your drivers safe in testing times. Read on to find out why special features keep you going.
Vehicle logistics keep you safe

With widespread HGV driver and supply shortages in the UK, the workload on operating HGV drivers and fleet managers has increased dramatically. There is an estimated amount of 100,000 fewer drivers than before the pandemic and Brexit. With an ageing and diminished driver supply, it is therefore paramount to look after your drivers in these challenging times, and vehicle logistics hold the key to keeping them safe.

So, how do vehicle logistics come in to help drivers and fleet managers? Innovative vehicle logistics features keep drivers safe and improve collaboration between drivers and managers. They also help manage your inventory and allow you to better plan for future operations. Read on to find out how vehicle logistics work for your company and why they matter.

Track Your Drivers’ Locations With Vehicle Logistics

Vehicle logistics, such as Fleet Geo by Vimcar, keep your business going

Good vehicle logistics solutions, such as Fleet Geo by Vimcar, involve fleet tracking software. This means that fleet managers can easily identify where exactly their vehicles and drivers are on the road with high-grade GPS technology.

Fleet tracking also means that fleet managers no longer have to play a guessing game in relation to where their drivers are. The individual vehicles are displayed via an interface, viewable over desktop, mobile or tablet. The resulting vehicle operations mean that the fleet manager is more actively involved. This means that they can keep a close eye on their drivers’ locations and offer support. 

Real-Time HGV Route Planning Identifies Danger In Advance

Fleet Geo’s HGV route planning feature is also specially engineered to keep operating drivers safe. Fleet managers are also aware of the drivers’ following driving conditions:

  • Poor areas of road
  • Hazardous weather conditions
  • Roadworks
  • Real-time traffic 
  • Mandatory HGV driver rest breaks

Not only does the HGV route planning vehicle logistics feature lend a helping hand when it comes to keeping your drivers safe, but it also helps with the increased Christmas demand. This is because it also contains multi-drop stop technology to assist you with deliveries. 

This gives fleet managers an accurate picture of when and how a delivery route for this challenging period could look like. This vehicle logistics solution also takes vehicle load weight and inventory into account. As a result, you can give your customers a clearer picture of what you can deliver and when. 

Although inventory deliveries to the UK are out of your control, you can offer your customers transparency about your delivery amount and times. Vehicle logistics mean more clarity and better planning – and improved customer satisfaction.

Stay Compliant With Government-Issued HGV Driving Hours 

Vehicle logistics also have to do with HGV rest breaks

The government has also announced measures to tackle the driver shortage crisis. Daily legal HGV driving hours have increased from 9 to 10, with critics noting that it only increases the workload on existing drivers, and thus increasing the safety risk from tired drivers. However, your company must notify the Ministry of Transport if you want to make use of this new legislation.  

One thing remains consistent, however. At no point should drivers exceed the daily limit of HGV driving hours. Not only is this a legal matter, but it is also a safety matter. The more hours your drivers spend on the road, the more fatigued they will become – and the more their own safety is compromised.

Limit Driving Hours With Timefencing 

Timefencing is also a good vehicle logistics example

Timefencing is a specific vehicle logistics feature included as part of the Vimcar Fleet Geo solution. It is designed to keep you compliant with driving hours regulations and keeps your drivers safe by avoiding fatigue. It works like this:

  1. The fleet manager manually sets designated working times for HGV drivers
  2. Once set up, the fleet manager receives a notification if the vehicle is out on the road past these hours

And that’s it. Timefencing means that fleet managers keep a closer on their drivers and know when they are driving too much. Whether you agree with the increased driving hours legislation, vehicle logistics mean that you can accurately monitor driving hours.

Set Designated Working Areas With Geofencing

Like with Timefencing, fleet managers can also set geographic boundaries about where their drivers can operate. If an HGV driver operates outside of these manually determined working zones, the fleet manager receives a notification. 

This also means that fleet managers can limit working areas to avoid hazardous areas of road and remote locations – particular in darker winter months. As a result, drivers remain within a designated working area and can potentially drive on safer roads the fleet manager is familiar with. 

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Summary: Stay Smart And Safe With Vehicle Logistics

Sadly, the pandemic and Britain’s exit from the European Union has resulted in tough times for existing HGV drivers. With a further increased demand going into the winter period, vehicle logistics provide the best solution to take a load off drivers’ and fleet managers’ minds. 

Vimcar’s specialised vehicle logistics solutions hold the key to a smoother experience in these rocky conditions. Fleet Geo’s vehicle tracking and route planning capability gives you a transparent overview of where your drivers are and how long they drive. 

Specialised vehicle logistics solutions by Vimcar don’t stop there. Use Fleet Admin to automate your processes and take care of preventative maintenance needs. No longer do you need to rely on loose post-it notes and excel sheets to store your vehicle and driver information. Fleet Admin stores it all in one place.  

You can also keep your drivers safe with Vimcar’s Driver Style Analysis (DSA) solution. Identify your individual drivers’ habits and receive vehicle data – instantly and in real-time.

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