Tracking Devices: The Guide to Driving With Tracking Device GPS

There is no need to be concerned when it comes to acquiring tracking devices. Learn how tracking device GPS benefits your business.
Tracking Devices are good for your business.

The use of tracking devices is becoming more commonplace within fleets. More and more businesses are becoming aware of the benefits fleet tracking brings to their operations, not to mention how much money it saves.

This is all made possible thanks to tracking device GPS technology. However, there are questions that fleet managers, and drivers-alike, should ask themselves regarding the tracking device on cars themselves. Questions about security, logistics and costs often arise when it comes to installing their fleet with modern technology, and that brings possible concern.

Luckily, this post puts any doubts about tracking devices to bed by answering common tracking device on car concerns. Not only does it address concerns, but also outlines how they benefit your business.

Is Driving With Tracking Devices Different?

The simple answer is – no. Driving with tracking devices does not impact negatively upon vehicle performance. The vehicle ride experience is exactly the same as before installing the tracking device on car. 

While the vehicle performance is the same, tracking devices benefit each journey by working out the best possible route. Each one uses tracking device GPS technology, which uploads vehicle data, such as vehicle location as well as driver analysis onto a cloud, creating a real-time vehicle overview for the fleet manager. 

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This means that vehicles can be dispatched to clients quicker as well as drivers being aware of the most optimal routes, updated in real-time. Therefore, journeys are quicker and more cost-efficient. 

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Will I Notice The Tracking Devices?

You won’t. Most devices take up the form of vehicle dongles and are particularly small – about the size of a keyring. They are easily installed via the vehicle’s OBD interface, usually around the top right-hand side of the footwell. 

As trackers are physically small themselves, they take up minimal room in your vehicle. Moreover, they are particularly easy to install, as you can view with the video below. 

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What Data is Collected?

Dongles collect a wide range of data. This includes:

  • Real-time vehicle location
  • Driver analysis
  • Fuel analysis
  • Vehicle speed analysis 

It is important to keep in mind that this is not for surveillance purposes. Vehicle trackers are specifically designed to help fleets improve their operations and save money, not to spy on employees or use data in a malicious way. 

Data collection keeps drivers safe. How so?

By tracking vehicle speed analysis, fleet managers can be certain that their drivers are in fact sticking to legal speed limits. A visual fleet data overview brings in transparency. Thisprevents drivers from being tempted to go over the speed limit, even if accidental.  

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Tracking device GPS technology is legal.

The short answer is – yes – it is legal to track a vehicle if the driver is aware the vehicle is being tracked. 

While tracking individual employees is illegal, tracking vehicles is legal. There are specific laws in place that businesses should be aware of. Any employee tracking is prohibited. Businesses can face consequences if they misuse data or hide trackers in vehicles without the employee knowing.

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Should I Get A Tracking Device?

Yes – your business benefits in many ways. Not only can you show off a modernised fleet with futureproof tracking technology, but you also benefit from smoother operations and fewer costs. Tracking devices come as part of fleet management software, which uses various specifically designed features to speed up your business. This includes:

  • Geofencing
  • Timefencing
  • Multi drop route planning
  • Nearest driver dispatching
  • Journey coordination
  • Real-time route planning

Fundamentally, these features come together to save your business money. An accurate vehicle overview, with route planning, speed analysis and real-time location data puts you in control of your operations. This allows you to closely analyse where you can save money on fuel by planning more efficient journeys. This, in turn, reduces your mileage, which in itself brings multiple benefits.

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Conclusion: Tracking Devices Shift You Up A Gear

Vimcar brings your business into the 21st century. Its Fleet Geo tracking solution package is specifically designed with the needs of SMEs in mind. From easy installation, usage and follow-ups with great customer service to keep your vehicle tracking needs running. Vimcar’s tracking technology brings your business benefits, without getting in the way of your journey. 

If you would like to start saving money and improving your operations, contact us to organise your tailored Vimcar package for as little as £7.90 per month. Start benefiting from tracking device GPS technology today.

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