Vimcar’s New Features Provide the Best Car Tracker Device

Vimcar has released 3 exciting new features to make it the best car tracker device out there. Find out what they are and how they work.
Vimcar's Fleet Geo is the best car tracker device

Vimcar’s goal is to provide the best car tracker device on the market. Our original fleet tracking system, Fleet Geo, is already the most accurate vehicle tracker in the UK. However, we’re continually improving our technology with customer feedback in mind. 

Recently, Vimcar has released three new features to its car tracking system. Below is an overview of these new features and how they make Fleet Geo better than ever. 

1. Driver Style Analysis 

Best car tracker device: Top quality analysis

Driver Style Analysis (DSA) is a software that’s used to track your drivers’ safety and driving efficiency. DSA scores drivers based on factors like speeding, acceleration, idling and phone usage. 

With this information, you can more easily reduce wear and tear and accident rates — and subsequently, reduce your monthly insurance costs!  

DSA tracks drivers via an app that they must install, no extra hardware is necessary. You’ll have unlimited access to your fleet’s data and can provide the CSV reports directly to your drivers to better communicate their driving behaviours. 

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2. Driver ID 

Best car tracker device with Vimcar

With Vimcar’s Fleet Geo, you can now utilise Driver Identification (Driver ID). With the Driver ID feature, drivers will receive a small Bluetooth device that can be carried in their pocket or attached to a keyring. You’ll be able to identify drivers in real time, without any disruption to your business. 

Note that the Driver ID Bluetooth device will only transmit data when the driver is near a company vehicle that’s been installed with Fleet Geo. Additionally, it’s required that you notify drivers that they’re being tracked and how it can benefit them. 

Driver ID improves job-to-driver distribution and also provides fleet managers with better visibility of their fleet. Plus, it’s easier to identify poor driving behaviours with Driver ID. 

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3. Public API 

API: Best car tracker device

Businesses who use Vimcar’s software now have the ability to integrate our tracking data into their internal systems using our Public API. Use the integrated data as you see fit. 

You can utilise Vimcar’s data to provide ETA updates to customers, record when drivers arrive and leave a specific location (like a customer’s address), create automatic timesheets and mileage logs for your drivers and so much more. 

Our API is easy to self-install and you’ll receive free product onboarding so you can start benefiting from our software immediately. 

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The Best Car Tracker Device in the UK

Vimcar’s award-winning car tracking system is continually being improved with new features based on feedback we receive from our customers. Most recently, we’ve released three exciting new features: Driver Style Analysis (DSA), Driver ID and Public API. 

DSA can be used to track your drivers’ safety and driving efficiency. A simple scoring system makes it easy to identify outliers and correct poor driving behaviour. 

Driver ID improves job-to-driver distribution and gives fleet managers better visibility of their overall. 

With our new Public API, businesses can integrate Vimcar’s data into their internal systems to use as they see fit. 

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