Vimcar Study Shows Many Companies’ Fleet Management Is Outdated

A Vimcar study has concluded that company fleet management in the UK is often too old fashioned. Find out why you should modernise.
Company fleet management is too old fashioned

At Vimcar, we are passionate about developing tools that take the hassle out of company fleet management. The first step is understanding businesses’ current workflow. So we set out to learn how companies are managing their fleet administration with a comprehensive survey.

Our survey showed that many companies are still managing their fleets with outdated, inefficient tools. But it’s not about updating for modernity’s sake. The problem with these outdated tools is they slow down your business and rack up costs significantly.

Let’s take a deeper look at our survey results, and explore how these companies can benefit from updating their management tools.  

What Inefficient Tools Are Companies Using?

Spreadsheets aren't modern enough for good company fleet management

Our research revealed that many fleet administrators are using decades-old tools for managing their business. In fact, 60% are using multiple digital spreadsheets and 10% still use pen and paper.

Not only that, but 24% of SME fleet managers are spending half their working day on spreadsheets. 79% have more than five different spreadsheets to keep track of important data such as cost, maintenance and mileage. 1 in 10 of those surveyed use more than 30 spreadsheets!

→ Many Fleet Managers Don’t Know That Digitisation Can Completely Automate Your Workflow.

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Why Does It Matter?

So what’s the harm in managing your business with outdated systems?

Well, using inefficient technology directly eats up valuable business resources. The amount of time inefficient administration takes up is a significant drain on your bottom line.

Plus, it means you have less capacity to identify cost outliers. A straightforward fleet management system means it’s easy to see cost-saving opportunities.

→ While The Majority Of Fleet Managers Say Vehicle Maintenance And Cost Management Is The Most Important Part Of Their Role, These Outdated Tools Make That Difficult To Achieve.

How does that work?

  • 46% of respondents find spreadsheets too time consuming
  • Over half of respondents still using spreadsheets say it prevents them from completing other important fleet tasks
  • 37% say spreadsheets leave room for mistakes
  • A whopping 63% of those surveyed admit to having missed fleet deadlines!

It’s clear to see that SME fleet managers are feeling defeated by their data, and it’s negatively impacting their businesses.

How Do You Modernise Your Company Fleet Management?

There has never been a better time to modernise. Today there are incredible digital tools that help bring companies’ fleet management up to speed.

  • Fleet administrative software like Vimcar’s Fleet Admin is the best tool to streamline your company fleet management!
Fleet automation for good company fleet management is the way to go

Fleet Admin, which is also a transport management software, automates your entire fleet management process, so you never miss a deadline. It automatically flags cost outliers for you and organises your data in one comprehensive system.

But Fleet Admin doesn’t just simplify your data and daily tasks- it allows you to view, evaluate and compare the data held within the system, so you can make informed business decisions.

Plus, you can integrate it with driver monitoring software like Driving Style Analysis. Driver behaviour monitoring allows you to prevent vehicle misuse, lower accident rates, and incentivise safe driving with driver tracking.

These tools pair perfectly with Fleet Telematics, which lets you track your vehicles in real-time, optimise your routes, reduce mileage, and prevent theft, and much more. With our Driver Identification, you can easily link vehicles to each driver. That means you can see which driver was on each route, dispatch more effectively, and keep tracking even when they switch vehicles.

With Vimcar’s modern tools, you have everything you need to start saving money and streamlining your fleet.   

Why Vimcar?

Vimcar is the market leader in fleet management products. All of our products are easily self-installed and exceptionally user-friendly. And if you need a hand, our world-class customer service team is always happy to help you get the most out of our products.

  • Plus, our products are competitively priced. Our flexible pricing plans start at just £7.90 per vehicle per month!  
Good company fleet management has reduced fuel costs for many

We work with you to find the right custom package, so you’re not paying for features you don’t use.

Don’t just take it from us. Our customer Phillip Thompson, company director at Active Traffic Management, says, “A fleet management solution like the one Vimcar provides give me the option to have everything in one place, which streamlines processes and gives me one system that works for everything, rather than everything spread across various spreadsheets and bits of paper.

It also allows me to keep track of fuel costs and I have generally been able to manage my fleet better, with all-round ease.”

  • Company fleet management is all we do. At Vimcar we pride ourselves on providing the best fleet administration tools on the market, with products designed with you in mind.

Ditch the Spreadsheets, and Go Digital

Running a successful fleet starts with how it’s managed. Without the proper tools for the job, fleet managers cannot be expected to run their teams efficiently.

Inefficient administration has a real impact on your business and costs you needless money and time. Vimcar’s survey showed that even in 2021, many companies are still using old-fashioned spreadsheets, and even pen and paper to manage their fleets.

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