Insurance-Approved Vehicle Trackers Explained

Vehicle trackers are the real deal. Learn about insurance approved vehicle trackers that don’t contradict your insurance plan.
Insurance approved vehicle trackers benefit your business

Fleet insurance can account for a large proportion of your overall fleet expenses. But did you know that installing vehicle or driver trackers can actually lower your fleet insurance costs?

This article will break down what insurance-approved vehicle trackers are. Plus, we look at how fleet tracking can reduce your insurance costs- even if your trackers aren’t insurance-approved.

What Are Insurance-Approved Vehicle Trackers?

Insurance providers know that fleets with telematics make far fewer claims and have better overall safety outcomes. Therefore, many providers pass those savings onto you and offer discounts for fleets with fleet trackers installed. 

→ Digitised Fleets Have Fewer Thefts, Less Vehicle Misuse, And 10% Less Mileage On Average Than Untracked Fleets.

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Are your insurance approved vehicle trackers the best?

Is My Tracker Insurance-Approved?

To find out if you have an insurance-approved fleet tracker, check with your fleet insurance provider. 

Vimcar’s Fleet Geo is approved by many insurance companies. But even if it’s not, it can still lower your premiums over time, and in more ways than you may think!

What If My Tracker Isn’t Approved?

Don’t worry: even if you don’t have an insurance-approved vehicle tracker, you’ll still save on insurance. Products like Fleet Geo and Driving Style Analysis reduce your insurance costs in a number of ways. 

Here’s how: 

  1. Prevent Dangerous Driving: it’s simple, monitored drivers make better choices. Driver monitoring software like Vimcar’s Driving Style Analysis encourages safer driving. Over time, your insurance premiums go down to reflect your stellar safety record.
  1. Reduce Vehicle Wear And Tear: Safer driving means less wear and tear on your vehicles. Plus, trackers help you optimise your routes which lowers your overall mileage. With less vehicle erosion, you’ll have fewer safety incidents and insurance claims.
  1. Prevent Theft and Misuse: Tracked vehicles are less likely to be stolen and are much more likely to be recovered if they are. Not only that, but tracking reduces incidences of vehicle misuse from staff. 

All of these factors add up to a safer fleet, fewer claims, and lower insurance premiums over time.

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Fleet Trackers: A No-Brainer!

Nowadays, many insurance providers offer discounts to digitised fleets. But even if you don’t have an insurance-approved vehicle tracker, trackers will save you insurance payouts over time.

GPS trackers are one of the most effective ways to prevent accidents, theft, and vehicle misuse. But they pay off in even more ways: save on petrol, maintenance, taxes, and much more.

To stop your insurance premiums from creeping up year after year, it’s time to invest in insurance-approved vehicle trackers.

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