Improving Driver Safety with New Admin Tools

Vimcar takes your safety seriously. Find out which new admin tools Vimcar has introduced to ensure your fleet safety.
Best car tracker UK 2021: Vimcar's new features

Vimcar strives to meet our customers’ needs and to create new features that will make managing a fleet easier. In an effort to be the best GPS tracker in the UK and the best car tracker in the UK for 2021, we’re continually reviewing our products to ensure they are precisely what our customers are looking for. Recently, Vimcar has released new features for its fleet tracking software. 

Below are three of the exciting new features Vimcar has created to streamline the fleet management process. 

1. Driver ID 

Best car tracker UK 2021: How does Driver ID come into play?

Driver Identification is now available through Vimcar’s Fleet Geo GPS tracking system. With the Driver ID feature, drivers will receive a small Bluetooth device. This device can be carried in their pocket or attached to a keyring. The device will only transmit data when the driver is near a company vehicle that’s been installed with Fleet Geo. 

The Driver ID feature has many benefits. It provides fleet managers with greater visibility and also improves job-to-driver distribution. Driver ID also makes it easier to identify reckless drivers. 

As with any tracking device implemented within your fleet, it’s important that you notify drivers that they’re being tracked and educate them on the benefits of the Driver ID feature. 

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2. Custom Locations 

Fleet Geo users can now create individual custom locations. This allows you to save specific locations to the software with an accompanying nickname (i.e. “House of Customer X”). Custom locations will be marked with a pin on the Fleet Geo map. 

Vimcar will be releasing additional updates within the custom location feature very soon. These updates include uploading the custom location in bulk via CSV and filtering which custom locations should be shown on the map. 

3. Vimcar Fleet Admin

Best car tracker UK 2021: Vimcar has developed new features.

From tracking fuel costs to scheduling fleet maintenance to checking driver’s licenses, Vimcar understands how time-consuming fleet administration tasks can be. That’s why we created Vimcar Fleet Admin, a software aimed to help manage day-to-day fleet management more easily. 

To Become The Best Car Tracker UK 2021, Vimcar Fleet Admin Now Lets You: 

  • Store and organise all important documents and information that are relevant to individual fleet vehicles. 
  • Create notifications to be warned of document expiry dates and upcoming MOT appointments. 
  • Organise fleet costs and allocate them to specific vehicles. 
  • Use it as a booking system for company pool cars. 

Vimcar Fleet Admin digitalises the most important information about your fleet and stores it all in one place. You’ll no longer need to track your fleet’s information on multiple Excel documents! 

The Best GPS Tracker in the UK

Vimcar aims to be the best car tracker in the UK for 2021. In addition to boasting one of the most accurate GPS trackers on the market, Vimcar continues to create new features and products to better meet the needs of our customers. 

Vimcar has just released a Driver ID feature for our Fleet Geo users, as well as a custom locations feature. We’re also thrilled to announce the launch of Vimcar Fleet Admin, which is a new product that makes daily fleet administration tasks easier. 

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