Ensure Proof of Delivery With Fleet Tracking

You can ensure proof of delivery by implementing high-grade fleet management tech. Use Vimcar’s proof of delivery template to get started.
Download your proof of delivery template

Proof of delivery shows customers that an order was completed. Although it’s often associated with deliveries and online orders, delivery confirmation also applies to services. Businesses in sectors such as plumbing, electricity and construction should all be providing proof of delivery for services rendered. 

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This article will explain why providing delivery proof is important and how you can provide electronic and paper-based delivery proof —  and why you should be doing both.  

Why Is Delivery Confirmation Important? 

Proof of delivery is important for both your customers and your business. Below are just a few reasons to provide such: 

  • Provides customers peace of mind: If your customers are away from home when their order is delivered or a service is rendered, they want to know that they got what they paid for. 
  • Protects your business: Without delivery proof, you have no way of protecting your business if a customer says that an order was incomplete or never arrived. You’d have to pay out of pocket to replace the order or refund the customer. By providing a delivery proof, you can show that you completed the order as requested. 
  • Prevents theft: Once customers receive delivery proof, they can quickly bring the order inside. The longer orders are left outside the front door, the more likely they are to be stolen.  

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Ensuring Delivery Completion with Fleet Geo 

Download your Vimcar proof of delivery template

Fleet Geo is the UK’s most accurate GPS live tracking. With Fleet Geo, you can set up customisable notifications to receive alerts when vehicles enter and exit specific geographical zones, such as when they are delivering orders or responding to service calls. These alerts provide proper delivery evidence. 

Plus, with Fleet Geo’s route history feature, you can review routes retrospectively to see how long drivers were at specific appointments. This information is necessary when charging customers for services rendered. 

All of the data that Fleet Geo collects on your vehicles can be exported via CSV files. These files can be used for internal purposes, but they can also be given to customers as proper delivery evidence. 

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Free Delivery Completion Template 

It’s highly recommended that you provide delivery proof two ways: digitally (as discussed above) and in paper form. The paper delivery confirmation should be completed by your drivers and then cross-checked with the data recorded by Fleet Geo. 

Vimcar has created a free proof of delivery template for your drivers to use. Download and print off this template, then have your drivers fill it out for all future deliveries and service calls. 

Improve Customer Service with Delivery Confirmation

Proof of delivery shows customers that a service or order was completed. Providing a confirmation of delivery not only boosts customer service, but also protects your business. 

It’s recommended that you leave delivery proof electronically and in paper form. Vimcar has created a downloadable proof of delivery template that your business can use as its paper form. For electronic delivery confirmation, you can install Fleet Geo into your fleet vehicles. 

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