Car Location Trackers for Trades People

You don’t need to be making daily deliveries to benefit from GPS tracking technology. No matter your trade, if you use vehciles to complete your business tasks you need to invest in a vehicle tracker. Here is why:
tools for trades people include car location tracker

Car location trackers don’t just benefit traditional delivery companies with massive fleets. In fact, being able to trace a car’s location and track its movements can be incredibly useful to the trade industries as well. Whether you’re a plumber, an electrician or a construction site manager, it’s time that you seriously consider investing in car location trackers if you haven’t already. 

In this article, you’ll learn what a car location tracker is and how it can benefit your business.

What Are Car Location Trackers? 

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Car location trackers utilise GPS tracking to track the routes and real-time locations of your vehicles. The trackers themselves are typically a small piece of hardware that can be plugged into the OBD interface of your vehicle or installed onto your car’s battery. 

Depending on the type of car tracker you invest in, you may have to pay a professional to install the hardware. However, some car trackers, like Fleet Geo, are easy to self-install and require no additional time or money to do so. 

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Benefits of Using Car Location Trackers 

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Although it’s called a car location tracker, this useful piece of technology does so much more than simply track the real-time location of your vehicles. Some of the primary benefits of utilising car location trackers are: improved customer service, preventing theft attempts, bettering internal communication and preventing vehicle misuse

Improve Customer Service 

person making a box delivery to customer with help of car locaiton tracker

With a car tracker like Fleet Geo, you’ll be able to see the real-time locations of each of your service vehicles and provide customers with accurate ETAs. This is a simple way to improve customer satisfaction and streamline the customer appointment process. 

Conversely, if an employee knocks at a customer’s door and no one answers, Fleet Geo’s route history feature will provide proof that you tried to fulfill the appointment. Hana Wise of Union Plumbing says, “Reputation is really important to us, and Fleet Geo really helps. Now, when we knock and nobody is home, we can prove to the customer that we were actually there.”  

Prevent Theft Attempts 

A 2020 Vimcar survey of employers in the electrical services sector found that 1 out of 3 employers have had a vehicle stolen in the past. In fact, vehicle theft costs businesses more than £16,000 per year across all UK industries! 

With a car location tracker like Fleet Geo, you can set customised alerts to be notified when a vehicle is being used outside of business hours or is being driven outside of a specified area (such as the company car park). If you suspect a theft attempt, you can provide the police with the real-time location of the vehicle. 

Improve Internal Communication

The same alerts used to notify you of suspected theft attempts can also be implemented to track when your drivers return from a job. For tradespersons, this information makes it easier to dispatch employees to new projects without having to waste time figuring out where they are first. 

Kevin Page of KA Page Groundworks particularly enjoys this feature of Fleet Geo. “Fleet Geo tells me when the boys are at the office, so I know when I can meet them!”

Prevent Vehicle Misuse 

Many businesses limit the usage of their vehicles to save money on fuel, maintenance and tax costs. However, tracking multiple vehicles to ensure they’re being used properly is nearly impossible with a simple paper log. 

A car location tracker like Fleet Geo lets you examine each vehicle’s route retrospectively to reduce travel times and mileage in the future. Moreover, you can set customised alerts to be notified if a driver is using a vehicle when they’re not supposed to or driving it through restricted areas, like Clean Air Zones. 

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Who Can Benefit From Using Car Location Trackers? 

consturction worker at jobsite using tools

Almost any business in a trade industry can significantly benefit from tracing their cars’ locations. Some of the sectors that would benefit most from car trackers include: 

  • Construction workers and site managers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians 
  • Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Tilers 
  • Plasterers 
  • … and more! 

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Curious to Learn More? 

Tradespersons looking to level up their business should invest in a car location tracker, like Fleet Geo. Car trackers can help improve customer service, prevent theft attempts and vehicle misuse and improve internal communication. 

To learn more about how Fleet Geo can improve your business, contact our customer service team today. 

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