Not All Fleet GPS Online Tracking Is Created Equally

GPS online tracking solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Find out which fleet management solutions tailor to your business needs.
GPS online tracking solutions. What suits your business?

Switching to digital fleet management is the number one thing you can do to maximise your fleet’s productivity. But don’t be fooled: GPS trackers are not all created equally. They vary widely in quality, features, and price.

By choosing a poor-quality product, you miss out on the incredible benefits of GPS online tracking. So what sets the best trackers apart from the rest? This article will break down the different tracker options, and why you shouldn’t pick just any old fleet software.

Installation Process

Many GPS online tracking systems require professional installation and de-installation. But hiring a mechanic to come out and fit your vans is time-consuming and expensive, and many trackers can be only used in one vehicle. Why settle? There are better options out there.

→ Vimcar’s Trackers Are Easily Self-Installed In Minutes And Can Be Switched Between Vehicles

Our trackers attach to either the OBD interface or your van’s battery, so no matter your vehicle type, Vimcar has a tracker for you.

Key Features

GPS online tracking also lets you identify where your drivers are

Many GPS online tracking brands offer limited features. This means to get inclusive fleet administration, you have to purchase multiple products that don’t integrate. Instead of patching together a fleet administration system, choose fleet software that covers all of your needs.

Vimcar offers comprehensive fleet tracking, driver monitoring, and fleet administration products that integrate flawlessly. These targeted products ensure all of your fleet needs are covered. These three new fleet administration products offer you solutions that will transform your fleet:

Driving Style Analysis 

  • Get a full overview of drivers’ speed, acceleration, cell phone use, and more
  • Receive safety scores that are easily shared with drivers to increase accountability
  • Save on petrol and go green with more efficient driving
  • Reduce accidents and insurance premiums

Fleet Admin

  • Automate your fleet administration and workflow, saving you significant money and time
  • Keep all of your fleet expenses in one place and be alerted to cost outliers
  • Gain peace of mind with automatic task and deadline notifications

Driver Identification

  • See which driver is in which vehicle: easily dispatch the closest driver for a job, increasing fleet productivity
  • Retroactively link drivers to routes to identify jobs or resolve safety claims
  • Use Privacy Mode for non-business mileage

GPS Online Tracking: Download A Beginners’ & Intermediates’ Free Fleet Manager Guide

GPS online tracking has great accuracy

GPS Accuracy

What many GPS online tracking providers won’t tell you is their tracking equipment hasn’t been updated in years. But what’s the point of installing fleet software if it’s not accurately tracking your vehicles? Your tracker should give you instantaneous, precise data that you can trust.

→ Vimcar’s Software Refreshes Every 20 Seconds: The Most Accurate and Up-To-Date On The Market!


The whole point of GPS online tracking is to make your life easier. But many trackers are complicated and require a high level of technical skill to navigate. If the interface is difficult to use, you won’t get the most out of the product. 

At Vimcar we think you shouldn’t have to be a tech whiz to understand your fleet management software. Our user-friendly app works on laptops, PCs, tablets, and phones. We make it simple for you and your team to access data right at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Pricing Plans

Many companies lack transparency about their pricing plans. While their trackers may seem affordable, they come with a number of hidden fees.

  • Cheap trackers often come charge more for additional features and have steep installation and cancellation fees. In fact, they often end up more expensive than higher-quality trackers!

We believe in transparency. Vimcar offers affordable, flexible pricing plans with no hidden fees. Plus, our custom pricing packages mean you pay for the features you need, and nothing you don’t!

With monthly plans starting at just £7.90, everyone can find the right fit for their business. Browse the live vehicle tracking costs of Fleet Geo now.

Don’t Settle With Your GPS Tracker

Your GPS online tracking system will be the backbone of your fleet management, so it’s important to choose wisely. 

Vimcar’s software is the most accurate and easy to use on the market. And with our innovative features and flexible pricing plans, we have the solutions to fit your business. Ready to start getting more out of your fleet? Contact us today to learn more about what sets Vimcar apart from the rest.

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