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Fleet tracking solutions have overcome hurdles that the pandemic has presented. Find out what Vimcar has done.
Fleet tracking UK: How has Vimcar adapted?

Over the last year and a half, businesses of all sizes have faced unprecedented new challenges. With the demands Covid-19 placed on companies and rapidly changing markets, Vimcar sought to learn how businesses have adapted.

This article will cover the results of a recent survey of over 1000 SMEs (small and medium enterprises). We discuss what fleet tracking solutions SMEs are using, and how fleet digitalisation is already creating better business outcomes.

How Are Businesses Adapting?

Always in search of the best fleet tracking solutions, Vimcar’s Road to Recovery report aimed to learn what today’s SMEs are doing to stay competitive. 

The survey revealed that digitisation has played a large role in businesses adapting to the evolving needs of the marketplace.

1 In 3 SMES Focused On Digitalising Their Fleet In The Last 12 Months

Fleet Tracking UK For SMEs

Fleet tracking solutions get your business going.

The survey showed that 81% of SMEs adapted their business in the last 12 months, and 41% embraced new technology to protect employees and jobs. Notably, 94% of these businesses report that digitalisation has had a positive impact.

Better yet, these impacts are not a one-time perk. 39% of SME managers surveyed agreed that technology will be important when overcoming the challenges of the next 12 months. 64% of SME managers highlighted the importance of fleet technology, and over three-quarters of those no longer consider technological issues to be a concern moving forward.

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the advantages of fleet digitalisation.

Benefits Of Fleet Tracking UK

Nowadays, technology plays a large role in fleet management. With the incredible benefits GPS trackers have to offer, businesses not implementing this technology are at a clear disadvantage.

So what improvements did companies who digitised in the last year report?

→ 45% reported improved efficiency

→ 33% reported reduced costs

→ 36% found they were better able to meet customer demands: in fact, 25% of companies increased their fleet size to support their new business

→ Digitalisation isn’t just for young start ups. In fact, two-thirds of small business owners aged 55 years and above reported that digitalisation improved their company’s efficiency.

1. Efficiency

The old adage “what’s measured gets managed” applies here: tracking your drivers while on the road improves productivity by up to 30%! Digital records make it easy to analyse data and see where improvements can be made.

Fleet Geo lets you identify vehicle misuse, optimise routes, eliminate redundancies, and confirm working times. Plus, streamlining administration can save up to 60% on fleet-related time.

2. Cut costs

Fleet tracking solutions help you cut costs.

Fleet trackers easily pay for themselves over time. One of the first things you’ll notice is savings on petrol: as the second highest fleet cost, petrol can really cut into your profits.

The Average Fleet Reports A Decrease In Total Mileage Of 10% After The Introduction Of Fleet Management Software

Plus, fleet trackers protect your company from theft. With vehicle theft costing businesses £16,000 annually on average, you lose money by not tracking.

Vimcar has affordable pricing plans that can fit any SME. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for features you don’t use, so we offer you custom pricing packages.

3. Improve customer service

Fleet tracking solutions allow you to provide better customer service in a number of ways.

Real-time location tracking means you can provide your clients with accurate ETAs, so they don’t have to wait around for your delivery. You can update them in the moment if your driver is delayed, and easily prove delivery status at the touch of a button.

Improved efficiency lets you serve more customers, and with reduced mileage, your vehicles require less maintenance and have a lower risk of accidents. Plus, you’ll be better able to quickly respond to last-minute requests.

With 84% Of Consumers Reporting That Customer Service Is A Deal-Breaker When Buying A Product, SMEs Can’t Afford To Neglect This Aspect.

How To Implement Fleet Tracking Solutions

So you’ve decided to modernise your fleet with GPS trackers (which usually comes in the form of OBD GPS trackers). Where do you begin?

When choosing the best fleet tracking UK device, go with the most accurate, agile, and cost-effective product. We’re confident that’s Fleet Geo, and here’s why: 

  • Vimcar’s Fleet Geo updates every 20 seconds, the most accurate on the market, so you always know exactly where your vehicles are. 
  • Fleet Geo requires no professional installation, and can be linked to either your OBD or car’s battery in seconds. 
  • Vimcar’s upcoming Fleet Admin product allows you to securely organise all of your fleet administration like insurance, licence checks, MOT reminders, and much more.

The Best Fleet Tracking Solutions For You

To stay competitive in today’s tough economic conditions, SMEs need to adapt. This modernisation doesn’t have to be difficult, however. Getting started with fleet tracking in the UK can be as straightforward as plugging in an OBD dongle and hitting the road.

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