Fleet Management Can Ensure Transport Safety

Good fleet management ensures that your fleet is kept safe, and that your transport safety standards are met. Find out how to do so.
Employees driving company vehicles safely starts with good communication.

Driver and transport safety is top of mind for every fleet manager. From driver education to regular vehicle checks to tracking drivers’ rest times, a fleet manager maintains a safe and operational fleet in a number of ways. Fleet managers looking to streamline their responsibilities and ensure the safety of their fleet should invest in fleet management software, catering for employees driving company vehicles safely.

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This article will explain how fleet managers can improve fleet safety and how fleet management software with driver identification can help. 

How Fleet Managers Can Improve Transport Safety 

There are many ways a fleet manager can improve transport safety within their company. Below are five key things fleet managers should consider. 

1. Driver Education 

Educating drivers on safe driving practices when they’re first hired isn’t enough. Employees who drive company vehicles regularly require continued driver education, as well as a system of rewards and punishments to enforce safe driving practices. 

2. Regular Vehicle Checks 

Regular vehicle checks in the form of MOTs ensure transport safety.

In the UK, vehicles that are three years or older must pass an annual MOT test to be deemed roadworthy. In addition to this yearly check, fleet managers should make sure vehicles are being checked daily — or at least before a driver gets behind the wheel. 

Regular vehicle checks can help prevent accidents and can uncover any issues with the vehicle before it leaves the company car park. Vehicle checks help protect employees driving company vehicles as well as others on the road. 

3. Route Optimisation 

By optimising routes and reducing a fleet’s mileage when possible, fleet managers can extend the life of the company’s vehicles and keep them roadworthy for longer. Moreover, altering routes so that drivers can avoid busy intersections and construction sites will decrease the possibility of harsh braking and minor road accidents, such as fender benders. 

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4. Vehicle Remarketing & Procurement 

New vehicles allow help for employees driving company vehicles safely.

Overseeing the lifecycle of each fleet vehicle is a crucial fleet management task. Knowing when to sell a vehicle and purchase a new one is not only important for saving the company money in the long-run, but it’s also an opportunity to purchase newer vehicles with better driving technology. 

New vehicles are built with the latest transport safety guidelines in mind, which can make for a safer fleet. 

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5. Vehicle Tracking 

One of the easiest — but smartest — ways to improve fleet safety is to invest in fleet management software. Tracking vehicles with software like Fleet Geo can help prevent vehicle misuse and theft, identify unsafe driving practices and more.  

Fleet Management Software for a Safer Fleet 

For fleet managers wanting to maintain a safer and more efficient fleet, investing in fleet management software should be a no brainer. When determining which fleet management software is best for your company, look for one with up-to-date technology. 

Vimcar recently added a Driver Identification feature to its fleet tracking system, Fleet Geo. The Driver ID feature provides fleet managers with greater visibility, streamlines job to driver distribution and makes it easier to identify reckless drivers. 

Ready to Improve the Safety of Your Fleet? 

Fleet managers can always do more to improve the safety of their fleet. Driver education, regular vehicle checks, route optimisation and a vehicle remarketing plan are just a few ways to encourage transport safety.

Additionally, investing in fleet tracking software with Driver ID offered by Vimcar is an easy way to improve the safety of a fleet. For more information on Fleet Geo’s Driver ID feature and how it will benefit your fleet, contact Vimcar today.

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