Why Is It Important To Track Vehicles?

Why is it important for businesses to track thier vehicles? Tracked vehicles experience less misuse, are more efficient and save your business time and money.
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Is it worth the money to track vehicles using a fleet tracking system? Absolutely! If you’re still tracking vehicles with outdated paper logs, you’re costing your business time and money. By tracking your fleet vehicles, you’ll be able to streamline your workflow, reduce the time spent on admin work and effectively cut costs. 

Not convinced yet? Here are just five of the many reasons why it’s important to track vehicles using a fleet tracking system like Fleet Geo. 

Digitalising fleets can save businesses up to 20%.

1. Prevent Vehicle Misuse 

Two key features to look for in a fleet tracker are geofencing and time fencing. Geofences let you set geographical boundaries within the fleet tracking software. If a vehicle leaves the specified boundary (such as the company car park), you’ll be notified instantly.

Similarly, you can create a time fence to be notified if a vehicle is being used outside a certain time frame (such as outside of working hours).

Moreover, you can utilise fleet trackers to check that your drivers logged their working hours correctly. Allun Wright of Wright’s K9 Security Services has found this fleet tracking feature incredibly useful. 

“We were dealing with vehicle misuse, but that’s now been solved! I can monitor drivers’ speeds and distances and see if there have been any discrepancies with employees logging in their working times,” he says. 

Allun Wright, Company Founder of K9 Security services

2. Locate the Right Drivers

Responding to emergency or last-minute calls is a priority for many fleet managers. If you track your vehicles, you can see their real-time location and dispatch the nearest vehicle to last-minute calls. This prevents you from having to call each of your drivers individually to learn their location, thus saving you time and streamlining your workflow. 

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Doniert Macfarlane of Talk to a Doctor has found the real-time tracking feature of Fleet Geo to be invaluable. They share, “We had a need for formal logistic software to distribute paramedics in London and North England; Vimcar was the solution!”

“We had a need for formal logistic software to distribute paramedics in London and North England; Vimcar was the solution!”

Doniert Macfarlane, Owner & Director of Talk to a Doctor

Find out how Tracked Vehicles Transforms Customer Experiences:

3. Improve Customer Service 

When you track vehicles using a fleet tracking system, your customer service will also improve.

By tracking vehicles, you’ll be able to improve your fleet’s efficiency. This means you’ll be able to increase the number of customers your business can serve, provide proof of delivery and pickup, quickly respond to last-minute jobs and give customers more accurate ETAs. 

Mike Meyers of Critical Facilities Solutions says, “What’s great is having a helicopter view of our vehicles… providing customers with accurate ETAs and ascertaining when a driver has arrived and left a site.”

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4. Optimise Routes

view of highway traffic and three vehicles being tracked with blue markers

When tracking vehicles with Fleet Geo, you can review routes retrospectively. This makes it easier to optimise routes to limit idling time, avoid busy intersections and Clean Air Zones and reduce fuel consumption. 

Optimising routes is very important to Brian Quaid of Doherty’s Meats. “I can now ascertain whether or not the same vehicles are servicing the same areas and tidy up their routes… We cover the whole of Northern Ireland so looking at route history is really important for us,” he says. 

5. Protect Against Theft 

Fleet vehicles are a costly investment, so it’s important to track them. You can create custom geofence and time fence alerts to be notified anytime a vehicle is used outside of business hours or leaves a specified area. 

To this point, Kevin Page of KA Page Groundworks says, “It addresses the security of our vehicles: Fleet Geo tells us where the vehicles are all the time and we get notified, should the vehicles leave an area.”

If a vehicle does get stolen, you’ll be able to find its real-time location on the map and share that information with the police. 

Dashboard of car with GPS tracker driving down a street

Track Vehicles to Save Time & Money 

Making the choice to track your vehicles should be easy. Investing in a fleet tracking system like Fleet Geo will help prevent vehicle misuse, locate drivers, improve customer service, optimise routes and protect against theft. These are just five of the many reasons why it’s important to track vehicles in your fleet. 

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For even more ways Fleet Geo can benefit your business, get in touch with our team of customer service representatives. 

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