Transport Manager

Who is a Transport Manager?

A transport manager is anyone saddled with the responsibility of managing all matters connected to transportation in an organisation. They oversee the procurement, operation, and servicing of vehicles in the company.

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The manager ensures that the organisation’s vehicles are in perfect condition and comply with transport laws. They supervise drivers and increase the awareness of their duties.

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Without a manager, managing transportation activities in an organisation will be difficult. The manager plays a significant role in businesses that require a fleet for their operations.

What Are the Duties of a Transport Manager?

Before hiring a manager, you must understand roles attached to the position. This increases your chances of choosing the right person to occupy such a key role in your business.

The following are common duties of a Transport Manager:

1. Oversee logistics

Logistics refers to the movement of people and goods. The manager is expected to determine the most efficient ways to move the organisation’s employees and cargo.

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2. Monitor safety of the organisation’s transport operation

It is important that those driving the organisation’s vehicles are doing so with respect for safety. This is to prevent road mishaps involving the company’s vehicles, which can be costly to manage.

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3. Train members of driving staff

Although safety technology has improved, driver expertise is still important to reduce safety risks. The manager trains company drivers based on his knowledge of safety procedures and transport regulations.

The manager also makes sure that drivers have correct qualifications. For instance, he may have to procure driving entitlements for drivers before they drive certain vehicles.

4. Oversee vehicle maintenance

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Keeping an organisation’s vehicles in prime condition is one of the manager’s major roles. She has to conduct routine inspections and arrange for periodic maintenance. If a vehicle breaks down, the manager must make arrangements to fix it.

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5. Create schedules and handle records

The transport manager organises members of the organisation’s transportation team and creates schedules to regulate working hours.

For instance, the manager must ensure drivers aren’t pulling extended shifts or getting overworked.

The manager is also responsible for keeping all records associated with a company’s transportation operation. Hence, most employers often require that managers have record-keeping skills.

What Laws Should a Transport Manager Be Conversant With?

One of the most significant duties of a manager relates to compliance.

She must ensure that all aspects of your transport operation—both the vehicles and drivers—comply with the law.

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Legislation and legal standards associated with vehicles are constantly changing. Without a manager keeping touch with these changes, your organisation may run afoul of transport laws.

binders of fleet transport manager laws

This doesn’t mean the person must have a degree in law. However, he must have a good understanding of laws related to several aspects of company transportation, including:

  • Licence requirements
  • Driver working hours
  • Traffic laws
  • Health and safety of drivers
  • Employment legislation

While this list is hardly exhaustive, it covers the basic legal knowledge that your manager should have. Hiring a transportation manager who lacks knowledge of important laws exposes your drivers and vehicles to the risk of contravening regulations.

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Why Transport Managers Need A Fleet Management Software

In the past, managers had to do everything manually. This includes logging driver hours, tracking vehicle maintenance, recording operator details, and many more.

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However, car fleet management software like Vimcar have made transport management easier. Activities that were hitherto once difficult can easily be automated using the Vimcar Fleet Geo software.

Here are other reasons Vimcar is a must-have for managers of transport fleets:

Reduces costs

Fleet management software is useful for reducing a company’s transport costs. From optimising routes to reduce fuel consumption to preventing costly accidents, Vimcar is the best friend of every prudent manager of transport operations.

Makes it easier to schedule maintenance

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Since managers are humans, they can lose track of scheduled maintenance activities. However, Vimcar makes prompt servicing possible by notifying you when it’s time for scheduled maintenance.

Guarantee efficient route planning

Vimcar Fleet Geo can monitor traffic situations to help you plan driver journeys. By avoiding gridlocked roads, drivers spend less time in traffic, which reduces fuel consumption and boosts worker efficiency.

Makes round-the-clock vehicle tracking possible

As the manager oversees transport activities, he is responsible if vehicles get stolen. Vimcar Fleet Geo has GPS tracking system abilities, which makes it possible to retrieve vehicles in event of theft.

Helps to detect driver misconduct

The manager isn’t all-seeing, so she may be unaware of driver misconduct. With Vimcar, monitoring driver behaviour is easier.

For instance, time-fencing features alert managers if a company vehicle is used outside working hours. Also, geo-fencing will notify you if drivers take the vehicle outside the preset route.


Whether you own a small business or a large organisation, a manager is important to your transport activities. Hence, it is advisable to hire a manager with a clear understanding of roles and transport laws.

But getting a good manager isn’t enough; a fleet management software like Vimcar is crucial. Vimcar Fleet Geo makes your manager’s job easier and improves your transport operation.

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