Improving Mandatory Vehicle Inspections With DSA

A mandatory vehicle inspection check can be a hassle – but it doesn’t have to be. Find out how Driver Style Analysis helps you out.
Vehicle inspection check with DSA

Before operating fleet vehicles, fleet managers and drivers need to conduct vehicle inspection checks. These checks should take into account all aspects of the vehicle, including the brakes, lights, mirrors, tyres and wheels, exhaust and much more. 

Vehicle inspection checks take into account a specified set of conditions, so it’s important to be methodical when performing them. Vimcar has created a van vehicle checklist as well as an HGV vehicle checklist to make these inspection checks easier. 

However, if you’d like to improve your fleet’s mandatory vehicle inspections, it’s recommended that you utilise software like Driver Style Analysis (DSA). This article will explain what DSA is and how it ensures that minimal damage will be done to your fleet vehicles. 

What Is DSA? 

DSA: A vehicle inspection check made easy

Driver Style Analysis (DSA) is a piece of software that’s used to track your drivers’ safety and driving efficiency. Drivers are tracked via a mobile app that they can self-install on their phones. 

Drivers are tracked based on factors like speeding, acceleration, idling and phone usage. Vimcar’s software will score each driver based on these factors. With this information, you can identify outliers and more easily correct poor driving behaviour. 

You’ll have unlimited access to your data and can share the CSV reports directly with your drivers. 

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How Does DSA Improve Vehicle Checks? 

DSA improves your vehicle inspection check

Without digital assistance like DSA, it’s more likely that your fleet’s vehicle inspection checks will return poor results. Unexpected things can happen on the road, from accidents to harsh braking to breakdowns. 

With DSA, you’ll have a digital record of each drivers’ behaviour and will know exactly how they’ve been handling their vehicles. You’ll be able to correct poor or unsafe driving behaviours before they become an issue. 

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Moreover, if a driver does damage a vehicle, you’ll know which areas of the vehicle to give extra attention to in the future. 

In short, a software like DSA minimises the guesswork on your part and allows for more streamlined and open communication between fleet managers and drivers. You can export the data collected by DSA and share it directly with your drivers, so they’ll know exactly what they’re being tracked on and can proactively improve their driving behaviour. 

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Vimcar‘s DSA for Better Vehicle Inspections 

Fleets are required to perform vehicle inspection checks. These checks ensure that vehicles remain roadworthy at all times and protect your drivers and others on the road. 

Although using van vehicle checklists and HGV vehicle checklists make it easier to complete these mandatory vehicle checks, using some form of digital assistance like Driver Style Analysis is recommended. You can easily acquire DSA with Fleet Geo.

With DSA, you can better identify and correct poor driving behaviours before they become an issue. You’ll be keeping your drivers safe while also ensuring your vehicles sustain minimal damage.

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