Fleet Administration Can Help With Vehicle Checking

A solid vehicle checking app, such as Fleet Admin by Vimcar, easily takes care of your administration needs. Find out how it works.
Fleet Admin is a solid vehicle checking app

Vehicle checks are a fundamental part of fleet safety. Not only do they keep our roads safer, but they prevent costly accidents. And vehicle checks aren’t just about ticking off a box: they are part of your duty of care as an employer.

Using a vehicle checking app is the best way to simplify your van checks and make it part of your fleet’s routine. This article will break down what your vehicle checks should entail, and how a vehicle checking app like Vimcar’s Fleet Admin can help.

What Should Be In Your Vehicle Check?

Drivers should be checking both the exterior and interior of the van daily or at a minimum on the days they’re driven. 

Typical vehicle checks include:

  • Tyres, including pressure and tread
  • Doors and bodywork
  • Air filter
  • Exhaust
  • Battery
  • Fuel, oil, and fluids
  • Number plates
  • Load security
  • Lights
  • Brakes
  • Mirrors
  • Seatbelts and headrests
  • Dashboard
  • Tail-lifts and tow-bars

Depending on your vehicles and load, this list can be even more exhaustive.

Rely on a solid vehicle checking app

How Can A Vehicle Checking App Help?

Let’s face it, daily checks can be tedious. Remembering to conduct inspections and shuffling through paper checklists can slow down your workday. That’s why vehicle checking apps are so handy: they automate the process for you, saving you time and hassle.

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Information Storage

  • Fleet Admin holds all of your key vehicle information in one comprehensive place.

Finding information in disorganised folders and spreadsheets is a nuisance. With Fleet Admin as your vehicle checking app, data storage is a no-brainer. All of your maintenance and insurance records can be accessed at the touch of your fingertips. Plus, you can modify the dashboard and tables to present only the relevant data. 

  • At Vimcar we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for every business, so we design our software to be tailored to your individual business needs.

Storing your vehicle checklists in Fleet Admin means you can access your records anywhere, anytime.

A vehicle checking app automises your manual processes

Custom Notifications

  • Fleet Admin sends you customised notifications for your vehicle checks. 

Set up notifications for your vehicle inspections but also your upcoming MOT checks, maintenance appointments, insurance renewals, and more. By complying with your documentation deadlines, you avoid steep fines and insurance lapses.

Keep Tabs On Vehicle Usage

Fleet Admin offers you automated mileage updates. Paired with our GPS tracker and your daily vehicle checks, you can easily keep on top of your vehicle usage and maintenance appointments. Plus, it helps you determine how frequently vehicle checks should be conducted.

Over time, regular vehicle maintenance means a safer and more cost-effective fleet.

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Fool-proof Inspections With A Vehicle Checking App

Daily van checks go a long way in ensuring your fleet is roadworthy. But few fleet managers have the time to check each vehicle each day. By putting a clear system in place with easy-to-use tools, your drivers can easily complete their daily checks without interrupting their workday.

That’s where vehicle checking apps come in. Fleet Admin automates your vehicle information storage for you and sends you custom notifications so you can spend your mental energy on other priorities. 

But Fleet Admin isn’t just a vehicle checking app: it’s a comprehensive fleet management system. With its automated cost discrepancy reports and workflow management, you’ll save money and time you didn’t think was possible.

To learn more about how Fleet Admin, Fleet Geo or Driver Style Analysis (DSA) by Vimcar can help you reach your goals, contact us today.

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