Fleet Management Consultants: Is It Worth Outsourcing?

Should you outsource or stay in house? Now, with fleet management software you can do both for cheap.
A fleet management consultant

With so many options for fleet management it can be hard to decide the right alternative for your business. Should you outsource the job of fleet management to a consultant or take care of it in-house?

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The advantages and disadvantages of hiring a fleet management consultant can be tricky to recognise if you don’t know what your business needs. For companies that lack the necessary fleet management experience, handing over the care of your fleet to a third party instead of managing it internalling can seem like a smart and time saving option.

However, by outsourcing the job your business forfeits having complete control over your fleet and a lack of fleet knowledge is maintained.

Fleet software providers on the other hand, offer easy to install products as well as expert and personal advice. This allows the fleet to be operated at lower costs and free of external constraints.

Managing In-house: More control, More expertise

Companies who manage their fleet of vehicles internally reduce their dependence on external service providers, resulting in a better run fleet.

By forgoing an expensive fleet management consultant, you can directly influence the design and processes of your fleet schema. Additionally, learning the fundamental fleet-specific know-how will strengthen the competence of your employees. 

Managing your fleet internally allows for solid planning and a concentration on the core business concerns. 

The Advantages of In-house Fleet Management System:
  1. Reduced Expenses – managing your fleet in-house is cheaper than outsourcing
  2. Cost Management –  overview of financial pain points, where to make cuts, where to better optimise.
  3. Flexibility – have complete control over how your fleet operates
  4. Optimisation – monitoring the use of your vehicles and improving route plans will increase the productivity of your fleet

Fleet Management Consultant: Things To Consider

In some cases hiring a fleet management consultant can be worthwhile. However, many factors should be taken into account. 

Often the management of a fleet is merely a side task for someone in the company. This person could lack both time, resources and comprehensive knowledge on fleet management. Handing the job over to a third party could lighten the burden. 

Yet, for small companies the costs of having a fleet can already be quite high. There may not be room in the budget for a fleet management consultant. 

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The loss of control to an outside party can lead to disputes. There is less flexibility for the business and it can be difficult to adapt to fleet challenges. In the worst case scenario, the outsourcing has to be withdrawn in a laborious and cost-intensive manner. 

A Fleet Management Software Can Help

Not every company can employ a fleet manager who handles vehicle and driver care full-time. This is when a fleet management software can make all the difference. Easy-to-use and affordable, a fleet management software can support in keeping an overview of the vehicles, costs and fleet utilisation.

A fleet management software can offer features such as live vehicle tracking, route optimisation, after-hour vehicle motion detection and theft protection.

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A fleet management consultant

Along with these time and money saving features, Vimcar offers their customers free fleet management consulting services. Whether you are a veteran fleet manager or have never used a fleet management product before, Vimcar’s experts are here for you. 

Vimcar offers you expect advice, useful features and the freedom to manage your fleet in a way that is best for your business.

You don’t need to pay an expensive fleet management consultant to improve your fleet. Contact Vimcar today and receive:

  • Immediate feedback
  • A personal contact at Vimcar
  • With no obligation and free of charge
  • Insight into how much your fleet could be saving

Fleet Software as a Substitute for Fleet Management Consulting

A fleet management system is a powerful force multiplier that offers various benefits for businesses. One of these benefits is the ability of the system to act as a digital fleet management consulting service.

Below, we outline some of the ways our fleet management system can offer insightful data to you help improve operational efficiency.

Improved customer service

Fleet management consultants

Our fleet tracking software is an effective fleet management consulting tool for improving customer service, thanks to several features that enable you to serve customers better.

For example, Vimcar’s vehicle tracking system allows you to provide customers with accurate ETAs because you have real-time information of your drivers’ location.

Since you have up-to-date information about routes, you can accurately estimate the time it will take your drivers to reach destinations. You can use these fleet management consulting data to reduce delays when they are fulfilling orders. You can also inform customers beforehand of any potential delays, allowing them to plan accordingly based on the new ETA.

Another way our car tracking system acts as a fleet management consulting service is by improving fleet efficiency. Real-time vehicle tracking, comprehensive route history, and digital mileage logs are some of the data that help you make informed management decisions for improved operational efficiency. This information allows you to plan better routes, optimise fuel use, reduce delays, and plan vehicle maintenance for more effectiveness.

Other fleet management consulting benefits you can get from our vehicle trackers include the ability to serve more customers thanks to reduced delays and improve route planning. You are also able to respond quickly to last-minute jobs with real-time vehicle tracking and geofencing allows you to show customers proof of delivery and pickup.

Improved fuel savings

Vimcar’s vehicle tracking system also offers digital fleet management consulting capabilities by helping businesses save on fuel.

Fuel prices

One powerful feature that lets you save fuel is the route history documentation. It provides a detailed route data for each vehicle, allowing you to choose the best routes for reduced mileage and lower fuel consumption.

Live vehicle tracking also allows to have real-time information about the location of each vehicle, so you can send the nearest driver to jobs. You can also get customisable notifications to prevent unauthorised vehicle use that can increase fuel costs.

Geofence alerts let you know when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific geographic area. Time fences alert you when a vehicle is used during a specific time interval. These two fleet management consulting features allow you to monitor and prevent unauthorised trips.

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Make your business more environmentally friendly

You can also use our software to get digital fleet management consulting to make your business greener.

First, Vimcar’s vehicle tracking software helps reduce fuel consumption with real-time vehicle monitoring, improved route planning, reduced relays, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Another fleet management consulting result from using our system is an improved fleet efficiency. You have access to a wide range of data and capabilities that will help you get optimal returns from your vehicles and drivers, reducing waste and helping to cut down on emissions.

Wind turbines representing the environmentally friendliness of fleet management consultation done right.

Geofencing and timefencing allow you to prevent vehicle misuse. Our tracker also offers fleet management consulting insights that allows vehicles to get periodic maintenance as at when due, reducing the chances of pollution and inefficiency that can increase your company’s carbon footprint.

Vimcar’s vehicle tracking software not only provides a versatile mix of sophisticated tools for fleet managers; it can also double as a digital fleet management consulting application for improving efficiency and enhancing customer experience. If you need specialised fleet management consulting advice, our customer support team offers best-in-class insights via the phone, for free.

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